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June 2010

  • 22nd June 2010

    Homosexuality is ‘icky’, says Mike Huckabee 30

    Mike Huckabee does not support gay marriage

    3:59 PM — Mike Huckabee, the Republican 2012 presidential candidate, has said he does not support gay marriage partly because of the "ick factor". The former Arkansas governor, who ran for the presidential nomination in 2008, has a long history of making homophobic remarks.

  • Former Mr Gay UK faces series of male rape charges

    Mark Carter is facing multiple sexual assault charges

    1:56 PM — A former Mr Gay UK winner has appeared in court to face a number of sexual assault charges. Mark Carter, a 27-year-old policeman from Huddersfield, was charged with two offences of sexual assault on males, one attempted sexual assault, one count of male rape and one count of attempted male rape.

  • Prom ban lesbian teenager to visit White House and lead New York Pride 12

    Constance McMillen will visit the White House and lead New York Pride

    1:31 PM — Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teenager barred from going to prom with her girlfriend, is to attend a Pride reception at the White House this evening.

  • Travel: Tel Aviv- bursting with pride 15

    A father stands up for his gay son

    12:20 PM — Benjamin Cohen finds that four nights in Tel Aviv for LGBT pride dramatically changed his perception of Israel. Four nights in Tel Aviv, for the city’s LGBT pride celebrations has changed me in a way no holiday ever has before. My attitudes and perceptions of Israel have changed dramatically and it’s also changed the way that I reconcile my sexuality with my religion.

  • Trans woman wins right to backdated pension 12

    Christine Timbrell won the right to have her pension backdated to the age of 60

    11:56 AM — A trans woman who refused to divorce her wife has won the right to get her pension backdated. Christine Timbrell, 69, transitioned in 2000 but is not legally recognised as a woman because she will not divorce her wife of 43 years, Joy.

  • US to give gay workers more parental rights 1

    The US Labor Department is expected to announce the changes this week

    11:29 AM — The US Labor Department is to give gay workers equal access to unpaid leave when caring for a newborn or loved one. It is expected to announce the change today, to bring medical leave for gay couples in line with rights given to straight couples.

  • Beenie Man won’t play Dutch music festival 8

    Beenie Man will not play at the Dutch festival

    10:05 AM — Organisers of the Dutch Parkpop music festival have withdrawn their invitation to the controversial Jamaican singer Beenie Man to play at the event.

  • 21st June 2010

    Pride crowds in Soho ‘could be restricted’ 7

    No Pride events will be held in Soho

    6:13 PM — The number of revellers in Soho during London Pride could still be restricted, despite the festival pulling all official attractions out of the area. London Pride is to be held on Saturday July 3rd but festival organisers have been forced to withdraw all official events from Soho due to health and safety concerns.

  • Dutch festival bans Snoop Dogg in favour of ‘anti-gay’ Beenie Man 7

    Beenie Man will reportedly replace Snoop Dogg

    5:26 PM — A Dutch music festival has reportedly signed up the 'homophobic' Jamaican rapper Beenie Man to replace Snoop Dogg in order to preserve an "open and friendly atmosphere".

  • Vanessa Carlton announces she’s a ‘proud bisexual woman’ 12

    Vanessa Carlton came out yesterday

    4:48 PM — American singer Vanessa Carlton announced at a gig this weekend that she is bisexual. She told an audience of 18,000 people at a gay and lesbian festival in Nashville, Tennessee that she was "proud" of her sexual orientation.

  • Irish trans woman wins battle to be recognised as female 7

    The decision means Ireland must pass laws to recognise trans people's new genders

    3:52 PM — Ireland is to introduce new legislation to recognise trans people's new identities after the government scrapped an appeal to the Supreme Court. The case was brought by Lydia Foy, a trans woman who battled for 13 years to be legally recognised as female on her birth certificate.

  • Rainbow circus theme for Liverpool’s first Pride 8

    Liverpool Pride 2010 will have a "rainbow circus" theme

    3:26 PM — Liverpool is to hold its first Pride festival on Saturday August 7th. Until this year, it was the largest city in the country not to hold a Pride celebration and had been marred by several violent attacks on gay people.

  • Obama could veto military gay ban bill over spending issue 7

    Gay soldiers must keep their sexuality secret

    1:24 PM — US president Barack Obama could veto a bill to lift the ban on out gay soldiers in the military if it contains spending provisions he opposes, his defence secretary said.

  • Elton John plays controversial Israel show 52

    Elton John said musicians should not "cherry-pick" their consciences

    11:17 AM — Elton John played a gig in Israel last week after refusing to bow to pressure to pull out. Other artists such as The Pixies and Elvis Costello scrapped gigs over the country's raid on a Gaza aid ship, which killed nine people.

  • Former Tory gay head in affair with married MP’s lover 22

    Anastasia Beaumont-Bott said the affair helped her realise she was a lesbian

    11:13 AM — A lesbian activist who founded a Tory gay group but defected to Labour has revealed how she had an affair with a married Tory councillor who also slept with a Tory MP.

  • 19th June 2010

    Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears uses spoof rent boy listing to promote new album 5

    The spoof profile picture on the Rent Boy website

    3:25 AM — The Scissor Sisters' front man, Jake Shears has engaged in some canny viral marketing for the band's new album with a spoof advertisement on a leading gay male escort website.

  • 18th June 2010

    Lesbian teacher wins £15,000 in discrimination case 5

    The teacher won a £15,000 payout

    5:35 PM — A special needs teacher who claimed she suffered discrimination because she is a lesbian has won a £15,000 payout. Jill Young, 37, began working at Dundonald school in Northern Ireland in September 2003 and left three years later.

  • Police release e-fit of suspected homophobic attacker

    An e-fit of the wanted man

    5:08 PM — Police have released an e-fit of a man wanted in connection with a homophobic attack on a bus. In the attack, a gay couple were abused, threatened and assaulted by a man on Tuesday June 8th, shortly after midnight.

  • Trans media watchdog dismayed at Ofcom report 3

    Ofcom's study disappointed Trans Media Watch

    4:37 PM — A media watchdog which promotes better representation of trans people has criticised Ofcom’s research into attitudes towards offensive language.

  • Warren Beatty’s child ‘living as a trans man’ 24

    Warren Beatty is said to be struggling with Stephen's decision (Photo: Alan Light)

    2:47 PM — Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's 18-year-old child is reportedly living as a man and planning to transition. The college student is said to be known as Stephen Ira and wears men's clothing to college.

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