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June 2010

  • 1st June 2010

    David Laws ‘considering stepping down as an MP’ 24

    David Laws is considering his position (Photo: Keith Edkins)

    12:10 PM — David Laws, the Liberal Democrat who resigned as Chief Secretary to the Treasury last week, is said to be considering his position as an MP. He was forced to resign after it was revealed he had paid almost £40,000 in expenses to his secret boyfriend.

  • Survey suggests gaydar does exist 7

    The survey suggested gaydar does exist

    11:32 AM — A small survey of gay and straight people has suggested that 'gaydar' does exist. The term means a sixth sense for guessing who is gay and Dutch researchers believe gay people have better attention to detail than their straight counterparts.

  • US Catholic Church ‘scapegoating’ gay priests 28

    Non-celibate gay men are barred from being priests (Photo: runneralan2004)

    11:26 AM — The Catholic Church in America has been accused of effectively barring celibate gay priests by asking new recruits a battery of deeply personal questions about their sexuality. Prospective priests are being asked the questions in an attempt to weed out those with paedophile tendencies but the church has been accused of "scapegoating" gay men in the process.

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