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South African man charged with ‘correctional rape’ of lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Very sadly, this is the sort of awful crime that can occur when some people feel they have been given the “green light” to do so by homophobic statements from religious leaders and politicians.

  2. *shrugs* Savage people savage country.

  3. Its not about race or religion in South Africa, its all about the culture of misogyny that starts with the president and works it way down into the men of the townships.

    All women face a gender apartheid in South African society.

  4. South Africa, as the only country in the continent with equality laws for LGBT people, has fallen short of implementing that law through proper enlightenment and education of the citizens. The issue of corrective rape has increased far beyond acceptable level in recent years and is counter to the existing gay rights laws in place.

    Lets hope that this arrest and charging is not another white elephant project to make the world believe something is being done. More arrests needs to be done and proper justice done to begin to send out the right message that ‘corrective rape’ is not tolerated in any way by the government and law.

  5. I was born and raised in south Africa. Let’s get one thing clear: the amazing constitution that gives everyone heavenly rights, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. You’re talking about a culture that believes it’s okay to rape babies as their witch doctor told them it will force their Aids into the baby and thus cure the rapist of his affliction. It’s “allowed” and even encouraged to rape lesbians. Africans believe that being gay is a European disease, I kid you not. Even as a white male (blacks are more accepting if whites are gay, barely, and whites somewhat more so), I got discriminated against in every job and most social situations simply for being gay. I know we tend to feel that our rights as gays and lesbians are stalling here in the UK, but if you had been born in Africa you’d kiss British soil the minute you landed.

  6. Just before you all get too excited, the conviction rate for rape in South Africa is roughly the same as it is in the UK…misogyny is alive and well and living in the UK

  7. The idea that the sight or feel of a penis will turn us dykes straight isn’t confined to Africa. Nor is the self-serving confusing of cure with punishment.

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