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No murder charge for man arrested over San Francisco Pride shooting

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  1. Shocking gun story, and all this took place at a Gay Pride Festival! 1, man is shot dead 2, Ed Perkins, man arrested for alledged murder, had a different loaded gun. 3, thats means another person had the gun that fired and shot and killed Stephen Powell. 4, Two more bystanders at the VIGIL!in Castro are also shot at! WTF! Come on America, is’nt it about time you finally come to your sences and rid your country of this last century,wild west style gun ownership!? It has no place in any modern democracy, and time and again, as this story shows, it has nothing to do with ‘ the right to protect the individual’ and everything to do with attacking your victim, for malice,willful revenge or gain! Do something before it just gets so out of hand and uncontrollable……or have you reached the point of no return already? So sad America, so sad!

  2. In actual fact California has some of the most illiberal gun ownership laws in the US, I suspect you’ll find (the article fails to mention it) that the guns in question were all held illegally.

    Those States with the most liberal gun laws, the ones which respect Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms the most, have the least gun crime.

    Here’s an interesting link, a gay gun lobby –

  3. The second shooting did NOT take place in the Castro, but in Bayview the predominantly African-American ghetto where the young men resided. They are not from the Castro and they are probably not gay. Pink News is doing a pathetic case in covering this story. They should at least READ some of the San Francisco papers before reporting things incorrectly.

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