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Gareth Thomas ‘delighted’ at rugby club’s £40,000 fine

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Reader comments

  1. Good for him, sticking to his principles. This action is mainly for the benefit of those who will see his courage and follow him rather than for his own gain.

  2. Good news – soon gays will be accepted in all sporting arenas – the fight for our gay rights is not over yet

  3. Rather than being “shocked and disappointed” at the fine, the Tiger’s club manager should have said he was shocked and disappointed at his club’s fans. Shows where his priorities lie really.

  4. The club should condemn the fans that cost them this fine and take steps to identify and prosecute them. And pass the fine on to those directly responsible.

  5. Excellent news! This is real and radical progress for gay rights, only possible with the triumphs of the past, but far surpassing actions by any other current person or group.

  6. Which begs the questions, why are fans so opposed to the idea of Mr Thomas being gay? Are they offended that a man like Mr Thomas should be gay in the first place in a sport that calls for overt masculinity? Are they chagrined by the idea that suddenly the sport has been demerited into a ‘sissy’s ‘ game or are they themselves just sexually repressed?

  7. Castleford chief executive Richard Wright said he was “shocked and disappointed” at the fine and said the club would appeal it.

    No sympathy for you mate. Sort your fans out!

  8. Retarded. How can you fine a team for something its fans do? Whoever did this needs to go suck some cock.

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