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Rugby club fined £40,000 for anti-gay chants at Gareth Thomas

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Reader comments

  1. Gareth Thomas………*droooool*…….

  2. Why has Pink News not opened the comments page on the article about Mr Gay UK and his trial for rape? If he were a victim of male rape the comments page would be flooded by now.

  3. Well done RFL

  4. Well done RFL for atleast taking some action and letting it be known that such behaviour is unacceptable. More than I can say for ‘the beautiful game’ that is footbal.

  5. I wonder how many people actually know why they are homophobic?
    Also, do they actually know why they make these chants – just following like sheep possibly?

  6. excellent news. good on the RFL. now lets see the FA do the same.

  7. The FA is an institutionally homophobic and racist organisation. It lacks the will and interest in dealing with racism and homophobia within the sport. It makes sense seeing as the senior people within the FA seem to be so racist and homophobic themselves.

    It’s good to see that the RFL is willing to tackle harassment and abuse within their grounds.

    It shows the FA up as the homophobic relic from the 20th century that it actually is.

  8. Ignacio_N, from previous replies given by PinkNews staff and from my knowledge of the law the comments pages for articles about current court cases are never open to prevent the site from being in contempt of court.

  9. Anyone notice the abuse of ‘refute’ here? It’s getting commoner and commoner. This man has refuted(disproved an assertion via argument or evidence)nothing. He has simply dissented from an expressed judgement. Apparently this usage began with President (Tricky Dicky) Nixon. Wouldn’t be surprising.

  10. I think FIFA gave Spain a $20,000 suspended fine for the racial abuse of the black player in the England team.

    The FA took no action against Tottenham when some of their fans used homophobic abuse against Sol Campbell in a game at Portsmouth. However police took independent action issuing football banning orders against the Spurs fans they could identify.

    Rugby has shown both FIFA and the FA up in dealing with these matters.

  11. If they challenge this the fine should be doubled. They should hang their heads in shame and show some contrition.

  12. Let’s hope that Gareth Thomas isn’t unduly affected by this; he’s shown himself to be as great a man, and a gay one at that, as he is a player. Oh that more sportsmen could be like him and have the guts, courage and personality that this man has.
    Castleford and your yobbish element – hang your collective heads in shame. Here’s an example of a REAL man – not a thick chanting group of easily-led monkeys.

  13. It will never happen to football clubs because many clubs (especially in the lower leagues) would go bankrupt due to being hit with so many fines imposed on them for their fans’ homophobic chants every week, and the FA knows this.

    But well done to the RFL for taking a tough stance! FA should hang their head in shame.

  14. The misuse of the word “refute” is a mark of the ill-educated. So is the use of homophobic language. Enough said :-)

  15. “It will never happen to football clubs because many clubs (especially in the lower leagues) would go bankrupt due to being hit with so many fines imposed on them for their fans’ homophobic chants every week, and the FA knows this.”

    Well that’s evidence of how institutionally homophobic the FA is. The fact that they will point blank refuse to tackle homophobia shows what a pack of inneffective bigots they are.

    Their ‘anti-racism’ campaign is equally meaningless. The ONLY reason that was implemented was because they could no longer avoid the condemnation they were facing from black players.

    They did not have a change of heart. the FA remains as racist as it always was, but they know the bad PR related to being known as a racist organisation.

    They think they can get away with their homophobia.

    They are in for a rude awakening. The RFL has shown the FA up as the disgraceful, racist, homophobic organisation that it remains.

  16. Wow! 40,000 pounds. That seems to me to be quite a fine. But, as usual with people, they change only when they take a hit in the pocketbook. Entonces, así sea.

  17. Steve Cruz 7 Aug 2010, 10:30am

    The immaturity and violence of some fans is why I stay away from sport events. Thanks for being brave and coming out, Gareth. You have helped show people that gay men can be admirable and masculine. In addition, you have set the hearts of gays around the world aflutter.

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