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Gay Jewish group grows from Facebook group to London Pride delegation

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Reader comments

  1. Good for them I suppose.

    But toes this group condemn and campaign the bigotry and homophobia of some of the nastier synagogues.

    Judaism is 1st and foremost a religion and we all know how scabrously bigotted and homophobic, religions tend to be.

    In my view religion has nothing of value to give to the world. It simply grants people an excuse to be uneducated and bigotted.

    I do hope this group is actively condemning the homophobia still present in the wider jewish community and synagagues. If they are not then they are not really doing much of value.

    Religion has no benefits to give the world.

  2. Stephen, as a group we have no political or religious branch association. As a gay group of course we condemn intollerance, of any kind be it anti semitism or homophobia. I think if you look at the Jewish community at large, being gay is becoming more socially acceptable, and as a gay jew I certainly don’t feel or receive any homophobia from the people I come in to contact with. I hope you will join our ‘Gay Jew Lovers’ group.

  3. Religion does indeed have no benefits to give to the world and I am pleased to see that Ben appears to agree – or at least not to identify with them. That said, the Jews seem to be less homophobic (except the orthodox: the UK chief Rabbi is a prize bigot) than many other faith groups.

    The only thing that concerns me about these type of groups is that they are perhaps a danger of splitting people up. I deprecate strongly the creation of two groups (for Jews and non-Jews) which to me at any rate to be aping the purely racist paranoia that sadly many faith groups (and even more sadly many Jews) have about “marrying out”. Try some exclusivity please Ben and don’t carry that racism into the gay community! Dilution and mixing are good things.

  4. Oooops! For exclusivity of course read inclusivity. I wish one could amend one’s posts :-)

  5. harry presumably “deprecates” Gay French groups or Gay Italian groups.

    Why do people not understand the difference between Judaists and Jews, which are mutually exclusive.

    Ditto StephenC who sees the word Jew and thinks skullcap and synagogue.

  6. @ Jirysoo … isn’t it obvious? Lefists in the UK and throughout most of Europe are known for anti semitism. They hear the word “Jewish” or “Jew” and they immediately come out with the “Hateful Jews!” … “religions are all evil!” … “Jews hate gays!” non-sense rhetoric. Same old same old, nothing new to me.

  7. de Villiers 30 Jun 2010, 4:30pm

    > In my view religion has nothing of value to give to the world. It simply grants people an excuse to be uneducated and bigotted.

    If that is your view then you will never be able to engage properly with those who disagree with you over the issue of gay rights. An inability to understand the position of others is an inability to reason with them. It is also particularly vain.

  8. Oh come on guys; this is a good news story. A group of people with a common bond, which just happens to be their religeon, gets together and the group grows exponentially. The bond is cultural, no more. So out pop the naysayers and downers. Unhelpful, unneccessary and inappropriate. I am no fan of most orgnised religeons, nor indeed of the views of the orthodox end of my own – but this isn’t the story to hook those views onto.

    Say congrats to this group. That’s more appropriate.

    By the way, my synagogue has given my partner and I married membership rights and the rabbi is nagging us to let him perform a civil partnerhip-linked celebration in the congregation. Because he wants to! Find a problem with that…….

  9. i am taking over a small bar very soon in golders green area and would most welcome the gay jewish community to gather there anytime

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