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Spanish clinic investigated for offering gay ‘cure’

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Reader comments

  1. First of all 99% of gay people are NOT unhappy with being homosexual and would NOT take a pill that would make them straight.

    For most of those homosexuals who are unhappy, their unhappiness stems from HOMOPHOBIA (learned internalized and external) NOT from homosexuality.

    Even the bad things that are more pronounced in the gay community (promiscuity, drug/alcohol abuse, self-hate, etc) are the result of HOMOPHOBIA rather than homosexuality.

    We don’t need a cure for homosexuality. We need a cure for homophobia, hetersexism, racism, sexism, xenophobia and all other forms of hate and bigotry.

    I find it interesting and too bad no one seems to be interested in developing a pill to cure these REAL problems that cause REAL harm in society. More astonishingly still, no one seems to even realize that these, not homosexuality, are the problems that actually need solving.

  2. Why are you using a photo of Sitges to illustrate a story about a clinic in Barcelona?

  3. haven’t we had that story a few weeks ago already? or it is another clinic? oh, yes we have

  4. > More than 15,000 gay couples have wed since the reform, which
    > faced vehement opposition from the country’s Catholic Church.
    > Spain also allows trans men and women to change their names
    > prior to undergoing sex change operations, which some regions
    > even finance from public money.

    Why does the writer see same-sex marriage as linked to trans “name change” and surgery that he places them together in that same paragraph?

    Why does PinkNews not see it as transphobic to imply, by using the word “even” that reassignment surgery should not be publicly funded? In fact it is a requirement, where appropriate, of equality law, and PinkNews seems to be suggesting that should be revoked.

    When will PinkNews get over its transphobic failure to report trans issues factually correctly? It is not “name change” that Spain allows, but change of legal sex, and it is not just”before surgery” but also, as in the UK, “without surgery”.

    > Psychologist Silvia Morell said, “Homosexuality cannot be
    > cured,” adding that any attempts to do so caused “depression,
    > self-destructive behaviour, anxiety and can lead to suicide”.

    Odd that having already dragged transsexuality into the story, PinkNews fails to include it in what cannot be “cured”. Especially given that the UK is the only country to have a monopoly clinic for transsexual children that only offers, up to the age of 16, reparative therapy. Causing all the ill effects the Spanish psychologist mentions, but also irreversible physical harm due to the enforced and inappropriate puberty, and huge disruption to patients education, which has lifelong consequences. And since it sweeps many lesbian and gay children into its programme too, claiming to be unable to distinguish them, it also pathologises them too.

    > This news however, seems closer in spirit to that of the Franco
    > era, during which homosexuality was illegal and many gay men and
    > women were institutionalised.It was only in 1990 that the World
    > Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its list of
    > disorders.

    The period of the Franco era in Spain also covers much of the time when male homosexuality was illegal in the UK. It also saw many lesbian, gay, and transsexual people institutionalized in mental hospitals, where that often included the torture and permanent harm of drugs and electo-convulsion.

    Homosexuality was of course removed from the leading mental illness manual, the DSM, in 1980, and that entry was effectively dead from the policy change of the sponsoring psychiatric body by a membership ballot in 1974. That had more effect that than the belated amendment of the ICD, a delay caused by conservative countries in the membership of the World Health Organisation which publishes the ICD.

    Since the writer included transsexuality in the story earlier, it is surely incumbent upon him to also then mention that neither the DSM nor the ICD have yet agreed the removal of transsexuality. Indeed leading lesbian and gay groups recently, and transphobically, welcomed the proposal to continue to list it as a mental illness.

  5. IF 99% of the poor sods brought up in religious environments could give their selfish right wing religious parents an anti-delusion pill then they would do.

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