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Son of Fred Phelps speaks out about his ‘hateful’ anti-gay father

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Nate Phelps.

  2. Trust me Nate, you are not wrong,,,your father and family are. Nice to see you decided on the side of humanity,,, I’ll share my dad with you if you like,,he’s a super fella! He doesn’t hate.

  3. xxx anytime

  4. It is good to know that the entire Phelps bloodline isn’t made up of hateful freaks.

  5. Patrick James 28 Jun 2010, 7:52pm

    It is marvellous to see that someone can escape and survive such a terrible upbringing.

    Although Fred Phelps is a very famous religious extremist there are of course many others who no doubt dominate their families in the way that Fred Phelps does.

    For the children in those families I’m sure that Nate Phelps actions will be of tremendous value. He is a role model for people in that situation.

  6. It’s O.K to have doubts Nate, that’s what makes us all (gay/straight/bi..) normal.

  7. It’s inspiring to see a man over come his learnt prejudices using the power of rational thinking. Nate Phelps need only look at nature to see homosexuality occurring there too, from primates to fruit flies, to kill off those lingering doubts

  8. Fred Phelps reminds me of Mason Verger from the novel and film Hannibal. Except more evil.

  9. > Father of four and self-confessed [word omitted because
    > PinkNews refuses to publish comments including it, even when
    > quoting PinkNews] Nate Phelps, 51…

    I guess PinkNews sees [word omitted because PinkNews refuses to
    publish comments including it] as shameful?

    Shome bias there.

  10. Well done Nate Phelps for escapaing your lunatic father’s clutches and realising that ‘god’ does not exist.

    Those were 2 of the best decisions he could have made.

  11. I am always worried when I see kids carrying banners/placards in any type of protest; I think it is utterly and disgustingly wrong. Be they Human/LGBTI Rights (which I do), animal rights, increase pay for low workers, benefit for the poor, calling Isreal to not fight with Palestine, & all what it is or will be.

    Indoctrinating children is worse than being the devil yourself. And the cases of Fred Phelps’ kids goes a long way to show that being gay, religious, racist, etc are not inheritable.

    If Fred Phelps has any conscience and self appraisal, he would have seen all these as his failure and suicide would suit him. Failing to convert his own kids, I wonder where he gets the guts to think he can convert the world. Shameless!

  12. What I find most bizarre about Fred Phelps is that during the 1960’s he was a very successful and effective civil rights lawyer for African-American people.

    these days he’s just another religious bigot with nothing of value or merit to offer the world.

  13. Why has Pink News not opened the comments page on the article about Mr Gay UK and his trial for rape? If he were a victim of male rape the comments page would be flooded by now.

  14. Why has Pink News ignored the meeting yesterday between David Cameron and the neo-fascist leader of the the Polish Law and Justice Party?

    A meeting between Cameron and a man who believes that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of humanity is clearly of interest to the readership of this website.

    Ot is Pink News officially part of the Tory Party now whose sole purpose is to peddle pro-Tory propaganda at us?

  15. Nate is a Jerk:
    > I commented:
    >> I guess PinkNews sees [word omitted because PinkNews refuses
    >> to publish comments including it] as shameful?
    > If the atheist movement wants to make Nate a cult hero, go
    > right ahead. But Nate is not well-adjusted at all. Meet the jerk
    > for yourselves. He is a lost cause.

    I guess someone at PinkNews changed the filter today.

    Its not a matter of the aetheist movement, its those human beings that don’t like Fred Phelps hatred of good people. And I have to wonder if the comment came from the Phelps cult.

  16. taxpotdotnet 1 Jul 2010, 9:55am

    AWESOME! the WBC is a terrorist group on the truest sense, luckily there are only around eight members. lets hope nate stays strong when his father starts saying he was brainwashed. never forget these people carry signs that say “god bless IED’s” and protest funerals

  17. Gee … yet another reason not to have a zillion kids! They might gang up on your evil self! ;D

  18. “He is one of 16 of Fred Phelps’s children, two of whom changed their names and turned their back on the family for good. ” Can we blame them to have turned their back on the family for good? Gush what a despicable moron and bigot that Fred Phelps

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