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One dead and two injured at San Francisco Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Very sad.

    Then again seeing as buying a gun is as buying a cheeseburger in the US, it’s no wonder they have such a stupendously high murder rate.

  2. Alan Fleming 28 Jun 2010, 11:10am

    This story is clearly incorrect – have a look at for the less sensationalist and more accurate version.

  3. That’s not like pink news to take such a sensationalist approach, and I say that without an ounce of sarcasm. I’m actually quite suprised :(

  4. I am rather surprised that Pinknews is sensationalising this story – I thought PN was more stable than that.

  5. PinkNews can you please explain how you got this story so wrong?

  6. It looks like Pink News has got this story totally right. I can’t see any discrepancies with the coverage at the link. The Pink News article is accurate and all the facts tally with the other article. It isn’t sensationalist; it clearly states that police do not believe it was a hate crime. So why the accusations of sensationalism??? I don’t get it. It is still a relevant story and worthy of coverage even if it wasn’t a hate crime- someone DIED, for godsake.

  7. This article is sensationalist and that is sad. Clearly, this isn’t as reliable as myself and many many others thought it was.

    @ Stephen C, owning a gun is the pure basic right to self defense, and it is a basic American constitutional RIGHT that almost ALL Americans defend.

    Gay with a gun, and nobody will change that. :-)

  8. Injured? Some ageing queen fell over in his 8″ ruby slippers

  9. Why has Pink News not opened the comments page on the article about Mr Gay UK and his trial for rape? If he were a victim of male rape the comments page would be flooded by now.

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