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Icelandic PM weds as gay marriage legislation comes into effect

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Reader comments

  1. congrats to her, may she be happy.

  2. Congrats! Well done Iceland… Sadly it doesn’t look like the UK will ever in the near future bring in gay marriage for British people – most countries usually use the CP as a stepping stone to this, don’t they?. Both the opposition party, leading gay organisations and the current coalition party seem stubbornly against gay marriages for Brits. Heaven’s knows why? Please no crap comments about us being a relgious country , we’re not!. PErhpas the previous lab govt should have got rid of the house of lords and with it the bishop vote…..Wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice of doing a CP or marriage for both straights and gay, I’ve never really understood what the point was of having a parallel system simply for gay… Perhpas we should have had a looser vers of a CP like the French PACS open to both gays and straights and a marriage with full and equal rights for both gays and straights. Ah well, wishful thinking I guess!

  3. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 28 Jun 2010, 12:23pm

    Congradulations Johanna Sigurdardottir on your weeding night with your partner from Australia!!!!

    It is only a “pipe-dream” that gays will be allowed to marry in 4 big countries of Australia, UK, France and Germany!!!!!

  4. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 28 Jun 2010, 12:26pm

    Why is Denmark now way way behind on the gay marriage issue – they are now behind Iceland, Sweden and Norway!!!!

    In fact they were the very first in the world in 1989 to have “registered partnerships”!!!!

  5. Congratulations to them both – and to Iceland itself.

  6. Didn’t know her partner was Australian – they don’t recognise any foreign SS partnerships/mariages in Australia do they??? I wonder what she has to do to get a visa for her spouse when she visits there??? It’s a ridulous sitution , Australian spouse not able to get passport/visa for her Icelandic PM spouse to live or travel with her to Australia – it’s ok for us plebs but a PM!!!

  7. I wish you all the best in your life.May almighty God protect you and bless you for the rest of your life.

  8. @John: Her partner is Icelandic, from top to toe. I think the greeting is from Australia, but was missing a comma…

  9. Paul Halsall 28 Jun 2010, 6:09pm

    I think the Emperor Hadrian was, in his own terms, openly gay, as have been a number of other royal leaders (Richard II, James I and VI in the UK for example).

  10. “Civil unions for same-sex couples were first approved in Iceland back in 2002….. Civil partnerships became legal in 1996.”

    Which is it? Or are we saying the changed from CPs to CUs and now marriage?

  11. Great news, best wishes.

  12. I’m awed that the Icelanders made homosexuality legal in 1940, would love to hear how they got to such a radical position so early (any Icelanders read the Pink?)

    Just waiting for someone to tell us that that volcano was all a judgement ;-)

  13. > Iceland’s openly gay Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir,
    > has officially married her long-term partner, Jonina Leosdottir.
    > Legislation that allows gay couples to marry came into force
    > yesterday, 27 June, following a unanimous decision adopted by
    > Icelandic parliament on 12 June.
    > Civil unions for same-sex couples were first approved in Iceland
    > back in 2002, which gave gay couples the same rights and
    > benifits as married heterosexual couples. It was under this new
    > law that Ms Sigurdardottir and Ms Leosdottir first formalised
    > their relationship, now transformed into a marriage under the
    > new law.

    Is this report suggesting that the Prime Minister and her partner ignored the fact that the new law automatically turns the previous civil partnerships into marriages and trotted along for a new ceremony? Or is it incompetently reporting that that they were one of the couples who automatically attained married status?

    PinkNews seems bent on erasing lesbianism in this story. Not only is this couple “gay”, but are these “gay marriages”, and the prime minister is the first “out gay head of state”. Is PinkNews trying to drive away its female readers?

    Equal access to marriage, and not separate and therefore inherently discriminating access to some alternative, is a huge story currently. We deserve reporting that understands that. The phrase “gay marriage” exactly misses the point.

  14. There are, and have been so few women heads of state, and they, in breaking the traditions of male leadership have then usually felt huge pressure to be upholders of other traditional values, had to be of that frame of mind; all the queens of England, and Margaret Thatcher, for example. That makes especially vital to emphasise that Johanna Sigurdardottir is lesbian, and married to Ms Leosdottir.

    It was also highly significant in her election to her office, since it was a deliberate switch from an establishment that had monumentally failed. A man, even a gay man, would not, at that point, have been elected.

    So, PinkNews, report it properly.

  15. Sister Mary Clarance 29 Jun 2010, 9:25am

    Any sign of her paying back the money they stole from Britain by any chance?

    I mean its lovely of course that she can afford to get married but there are a lot of people in this country will go without because Iceland has walked away from its debts to us.

    She clearly doesn’t have too many issues with her work-life balance (or any sort of conscience).

    If she’s coming anywhere near here for the honeymoon, please God someone slap an international arrest warrant on her.

  16. You are a classic SMC. She was actually elected PM AFTER the Icelandic crisis. It was the previous Icelandic government and the banks there that were/are to blame. I am not sure you can hold someone responsible for someone else’s crimes unless you live in some tinpot state. Additionally, she does actually want to pay Britain back, it is the Icelandic President who vetoed the attempt to pay it back and the people who voted in a referendum against it. Moreover, I think international arrest warrants would be better used against, oh, I don’t know, mass murderers?

    I am surprised you have not posted your normal heterophobic anti marriage “we are all going to have to assimilate and become scary heterosexuals” rant. Since you are apparently scared to death at the idea of homosexuals being treated equally and are desperate that we maintain our own institutions, I would say this article about yet another country in which exactly the opposite to what you want is happening must have scared you.

    I am afraid to say SMC that you will be on the losing side of history on this one. Same sex marriage is inevitable, and Civil Partnership zealots like you will just have to get used to it.

  17. “Both the opposition party, leading gay organisations and the current coalition party seem stubbornly against gay marriages for Brits. Heaven’s knows why?”

    Possibly because those homophobic, pathetic Gay Uncle Toms of the Stonewall Group have abrogated their responsibilities towards the LGB population in return for access to those in power.

    The fact that Britain’s self-styled leading LGBT rights charity supports homophobic Apartheid is a source of enormous shame and embarrassment for Britain.

  18. Sister Mary Clarance 29 Jun 2010, 1:16pm

    “You are a classic SMC. She was actually elected PM AFTER the Icelandic crisis.”

    Sorry, Patrick, we clearly take a different view on this. If the state of Iceland has failed to pay us the money it owes us, I don’t actually think that debt gets lost on the election of a new Prime Minister. To me, that personal has taken over ALL the responsibilities of government.

    As for same sex marriage being inevitable, I suspect it will be in a number of countries. I have always been happy with equality though and have never felt the need to mimic anyone in order to fit in. I wasn’t bought up to believe I was inferior or to be ashamed of what I was. I was taught that despite being black when most people were white I was equal, that being gay when most people were straight I was equal.

    I don’t remember once my mother ever saying to me that even though I was black and gay, they would refer to me as being white and straight, in order that I was ‘equal’.

    Things can be different in this world and yet still be equal. Giving something a different name does not equate to inequality. Once you go down that road where does it stop … man, woman, unequal?

  19. Patrick, No. 16. not one of our opponents of same-sex marriage, including their idol Cameron and colluder StonewallUK can come up with one logical reason to justify the ban on civil marriage for gay couples. Oh, they’ll use the same old worn out mantras the one man one woman nonsense (religion based of course) and some will use the other equally worn out excuse that they don’t want to mimic straights, yet they’re supporting legal segregation by mimicking the very hetero marriage rights and privilegs in a CP that they claim they want yet oppose our right to marry. A double case of hypocrisy and denial at best, ignorance is bliss for some I suppose. They don’t have the intellectual capacity to ask themselves why more countries are abandoning the mish mash of varying degrees of legal unions for same-sex couples for the universal standard of marriage. I wonder how many of them would refuse to marry if that was the only option available to them? I don’t really give a damn if they want CPs, fine, but they should not be opposed to supporting those of us who want something better. I don’t think any of us would oppose CPs, yet they think its perfectly fine to oppose our right to marry by supporting the ban. That to me is nothing more than upholding discrimination, a form of self-loathing.

  20. Why has Pink News not opened the comments page on the article about Mr Gay UK and his trial for rape? If he were a victim of male rape the comments page would be flooded by now.

  21. SMC – the Icelandic government should indeed be liable for past debts but that doesn’t mean an arrest warrant against the PM is justified. That is a pretty bizarre thing to ask for.

    “Giving something a different name does not equate to inequality.”

    I think it probably does actually. If you are determined that we just have a different name for our marriages, you won’t mind if we rename them from Civil Partnerships to “pink fudge cakes” I am assuming? According to your “whats in a name” logic we can call them anything, as long as they are legally the same, even if what we call them is insulting.

  22. Sister Mary Clarance 29 Jun 2010, 5:24pm

    Yes Patrick but my logic we can call them something different, but personally I’d avoid something stupid or insulting … and blimey that’s exactly what has been done.

  23. Commander Thor 29 Jun 2010, 6:03pm

    SMC, as long as it’s called a fountain, you blacks can have your own then?

  24. The STATE OF ICELAND never got loans from the UK – it were PRIVAT BANKS! The PEOPLE of Iceland don’t OWE anything, but are being FORCED TO PAY! Get your “facts” straight, SMC.

  25. “I don’t remember once my mother ever saying to me that even though I was black and gay, they would refer to me as being white and straight, in order that I was ‘equal’.”

    I know we’ve been here before, SMC, but you’re talking about two different things. Your confidence and pride in who you are is one matter, but how you are treated by society is another. Just because you quite rightly consider yourself equal, it doesn’t follow that your thinking that will guarantee others treat you so.

    As for different names – well, to me that’s ‘separate but equal’, which isn’t equal at all. If we’re all equal then we should all have access to the same things, be given the same choices and be treated the same by the law. I don’t want separate doors for women/non-white people/the disabled/LGBT people, and I would take NO comfort in someone pointing out to me that the doors lead into the same building.

    When women fought for the vote it wasn’t because they wanted to be just like men, and I actually find it insulting that that’s the logical implication of your ‘assimilation’ issue. All they wanted was to be treated as equal while retaining their difference – ie their female gender.

    Getting married or wishing to have the option to marry doesn’t make gay people ‘more straight’ anymore than being able to vote makes me a man (or indeed implies that I want to be one). Straight people don’t own marriage – there have always been same sex marriages throughout antiquity. Yes, most people who marry will be straight simply because straight people make up the majority of the population, but that doesn’t mean marriage is their special thing. Moreover, every marriage is different. Straight people might sit there in their slippers dozing off in front of the News At Ten, or whatever view you have of marriage that makes you reject it, or they might, like many of my straight friends, have lives just as exciting, different and unique as before they got married.

    We shouldn’t have special alternatives for people because they’re gay/black/disabled. That’s unnecessary and offensive.

  26. I want to wish Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir the best and apologize for my language’s unwillingness to spell her name correctly!

    And Skorrdal’s right. Iceland is in a pretty bad financial situation because of the PRIVATE BANKS that screwed EVERYONE over. The people of Iceland have to pay a huge debt per person- bigger than Germany had to pay after WW2. And for what crime? Trusting their banks! It’s a horrible situation for everyone.

  27. May their happiness now be complete. Good luck for many years

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