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Beauty: The lure of male make-up

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry, Jessica, but I much preferred the news articles. :-|

  2. Clearly Pink News has signed some deal with a cosmetic company.

    How else can the absurd fact that 3 stories in a row are about facecreams; makeup and the like.

    I think Pink News should have an article called ‘Don’t waste your money on cosmetic, just sleep 8 hours a night, get some exercise, drink 2 litres of water every day and eat healthily. This way you won’t have to spend loads on cosmetics. After all cosmetics won’t make your old carcass any younger than it actually is.

  3. Nice not so little promotion for Superdrug.
    Come on Pink News – lets have news not advertising pretending to be news.

  4. Cosmetics for men, even shampoo and face wash are totally rubbish. Why would we need other products than the women? It’s just about comforting men to think what they do is not “gay”/”girlish” and re-wrapping the same thing in blue & silver. I don’t play along and buy an eyeliner (“for women”) for 1£.

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