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Updated: Appointment of anti-gay bishop at top Scots university sparks calls for funding boycott

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Reader comments

  1. Does St Andrew’s not have a Code of Practice for its academic staff?

  2. Patrick James 28 Jun 2010, 7:59pm

    Here is a golden opportunity for Theresa May to take action.

    Remember that Theresa May told us she believes “everyone in society” has a part to play in ensuring equality.

    So, surely Theresa May will rebuke St Andrews for this appointment?

  3. Patrick James 28 Jun 2010, 8:10pm

    This is no doubt a very important piece of news but I am wondering why there is no reporting of David Cameron’s meeting with Polish Law and Justice presidential candidate Jaroslaw Kaczynski today?

    This has been reported by News from Poland.

    So, it is quite a mystery that there seems to be no mention here.

    Maybe the meeting has not taken place after all?

    I wonder if Matthew Sephton of the Conservative party LGBT group will be issuing a press release about the meeting?

  4. Patrick James – I understand your point about Theresa May, but education is a devolved matter in Scotland, therefore she’d no doubt argue that she can’t comment on it. As for the homophobic SNP Scottish Government, don’t hold your breath on them condemning it.

  5. Patrick James 28 Jun 2010, 10:21pm

    Of course you are right ScotsBam :)

    No doubt Theresa May was champing at the bit to make a statement supporting LGBT equality at St Andrews, but alas intervening on the devolved Scottish parliament prevented her!

    The SNP can be relied upon to make no comment whatsoever about this.

    As an aside:

    This meeting today between David Cameron and the Polish Law and Justice presidential candidate Jaroslaw Kaczynski seems to be going unreported in the UK.

    I don’t watch TV so maybe it has been on a news program but I’ve missed it.

  6. Its Nick Clegg in one of his role as Lord President of the Council approves these appointments. As he has sold out and become a Tory boy we are probably all screwed though!

  7. I have just e-mailed Mike Russell, the Scottish Education Secretary asking what he thinks about this and if he’s going to take any action.

  8. By playing the power game relentlessly the hatemongers are winning in the Anglican community.

  9. Tim Hopkins 29 Jun 2010, 9:14am

    It’s Kelvin Holdsworth by the way, not Kevin!

  10. “Justice has never meant the right to give active expression to any and every sexual desire.”
    So who is asserting that it ever has? No such bizarre view as ever been necessary to LGBT equality. The man is an idiot. I wish St Andrews joy of its new appointee’s academic rigour.

  11. I have read some of Bishop Wright’s arguments against gays. Like most serious evangelicals he is very learned and very clever. He uses the old trick of laying down a number of axioms that remain unproven and then `logically’ makes his case, leaving out those parts that are unpalatable. He claims that St. Paul must have read Plato’s Symposium (1st axiom – no evidence). He also claims, partly as a consequence of this, that gay life in the ancient world and the understanding of it was exactly the same as today (2nd axiom – most scholars disagree). Hence St. Paul really did mean to condemn gay people in exactly the same manner as the modern Church does. Since St. Paul is always correct (3rd axiom – some of his other views on women are ignored, but let’s not worry about that) it follows that gays are sinful and should be excluded. End of argument. All this is done with a smile – as he condemns millions to misery.

  12. Paul Brownsey 29 Jun 2010, 2:03pm

    This announcement follows Glasgow University’s award of an honorary degree to the homophobic Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti. Partly this sort of attitude may stem from academics’ conviction that all views are subject of ‘valid debate’. But there’s more to it than that. Some years ago Glasgow University returned a large donation to someone who was association with attempts to prove the superiority of whites. So someone who preaches the inferiority of non-whites *isn’t* acceptable in the kingdom of valid debate. It shows how gay inequality isn’t really recognised as a bad thing, despite universities’ paper commitments to equality. Someone should make sure this gets into Stonewall’s guide to gay (un)friendly universities.

  13. Why has Pink News not opened the comments page on the article about Mr Gay UK and his trial for rape? If he were a victim of male rape the comments page would be flooded by now.

  14. Deeside Will 29 Jun 2010, 2:43pm

    Actually I can’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be appointed. As I understand it, this is an academic post, not a pastoral one, and in a university, not a school, so he shouldn’t be discriminated against because of his benighted views. If he keeps them to himself in his capacity as a professor, then that will be fine. If he starts spouting them, then there will be plenty of intelligent students ready to talk back to him and tell him exactly where it’s at. That will be quite a new experience for a bishop who has up to now presumably had clergy and their parishioners bowing and scraping to him, and it will do him a power of good.

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