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New gay Tory MP pays tribute to Alan Turing

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 25 Jun 2010, 5:42pm

    I too was very pleased when Gordon Brown made the public apology for the persecution of Alan Turing.

    However I would like to know why Matthew Sephton the Chairman of the LGBT Conservative group is included in this article?

    Matthew Sephton has nothing whatsoever to say about Alan Turing.

    It seems he is invited to tack on a promotional paragraph on the very rare occasion that a Conservative MP makes some comment about LGBT issues.

  2. It was very good to hear the MP for Milton Keynes South pay tribute to a member on the opposite benches for the way he apologized in public for the treatment of a man, Alan Turing who contributed so much to our nation’s history.

    In response to Mr James criticism of the LGBTory Chair not mentioning Alan Turing, he will no doubt be reassured to hear that, on another news website, the Chair does specifically mention Alan Turing and his contributions, which may mean that the statement has been edited differently in the different publications.

  3. A great genius- a war hero to whom this nation owes a lot- too late for him but his memory must never go out.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Jun 2010, 8:13pm

    Still a wee bit bitter I see Patrick.

  5. Justin Hinchcliffe 25 Jun 2010, 8:21pm

    A very bitter – not to mention spiteful and personal – pesronal attack on Mr Sephton. Well done, Mr Stewart!

  6. Patrick James 25 Jun 2010, 8:21pm

    It is difficult to see what the number of openly LGBT MPs in the Conservative party has to do with the excellent and honorable public apology made by Gordon Brown for the persecution of Alan Turing.

    Matthew Sephton’s use of this reference to Gordon Brown’s action as a press opportunity to promote the LGBT Conservatives is really extremely cheap and further demonstrates how far away from reality the LGBT Conservatives are.

    The LGBT Conservatives act as apologists for the Conservative party’s alliance and active promotion within the European Parliament of the Polish Law and Justice party which has the kind of objectives which people like Alin Turing helped to defeat in the second world war.

    I have no doubt that the Conservative MP who referenced Gordon Brown’s very significant public apology was genuine but I find Matthew Sephton’s use of this rather sick really.

    The real news about the government of the UK after the 2010 election is that it now contains a great many people with strong religious affiliations and convictions who are in key roles enabling them to further their objectives.

    I think Matthew Sephton would do well to concentrate on that problem for LGBT people rather than producing press releases like this one.

  7. Warner Bros 25 Jun 2010, 9:06pm

    Looney tunes again Patrick.

  8. silly billy 26 Jun 2010, 9:12am

    A wee bit bitter and looney tunes. Well done the Trolleys. Great contributions to debate. Oh, I remember now, you don’t need to know how to negotiate, you just wait for your party to tell you how to think and what to do. Oh……and “Mr Sephton” Not only does this make him sound like something out of a Charles Dickens short story it attributes him with too much gravitas. Have you seen the LGBTory website? And which members of the Tory government are Trans?

  9. Sister Mary Clarance 26 Jun 2010, 1:45pm

    Ohh Patrick, you do make me laugh, ‘with strong religious affiliations’. Do you mean like tony Blair and Ruth Kelly, or are you referring to some other sort of ‘strong religious affiliations’.

    I’m guessing you are because it seems you can stomach absolutely anything the Labour Party did and nothing the Conservatives do.

    As I said before, another 4 years or so and you’ll have another chance at the ballot box, and then possibly if Labour have cleaned up their act a bit (well, a lot) maybe a few other people will vote for them too and they will have enough to form a government.

    Once in government again they’ll have chance to completely bankrupt the country again …. after all these things always come in threes.

  10. Sister Mary Clarance 26 Jun 2010, 2:29pm

    Sillybilly: “And which members of the Tory government are Trans?”


    Out of interest, how many of the previous Labour administration(s) were?

  11. SMC – if they try to get the gay vote in the next election with that same dismal gay manifesto then I shouldn’t think they will many more additional gay votes – afterall why bother with them , if the Tories continue to tinker at the edges of gay rights in the UK like the lab party did then what’s the difference. Can someone tell them to think of something a bit more more radical, perhpas gay marriage for the UK , that may be a good vote winner?

  12. Sister Mary Clarance 26 Jun 2010, 9:52pm

    John, I think the gay community showed themselves to be a bit more sophisticated by considering more than one issue when casting their vote.

    The blatant thievery, the ruining of the economy, a failing education system and health service, utter dishonesty, the criminal justice system in disarray, young people with little or no future … all played a party … and probably whether we get to share the same name for our legally equal unions didn’t actually score too high on the agenda to be frank.

    I accept its clearly a huge issue to you that you and your partner can pass off as straight in respectable company though.

    I think however we have strayed a bit off topic – this is about a Conservative MP highlighting the mistreatment of a gay man who did so much for the country.

    Frankly I’m at a loss to understand why their is so much back-biting over it.

  13. SMC – sophisticated cos you approve you mean
    LBG people voting for what benefits them is no surprise and equality is what is sought for!
    Good for this MP but the LBGT tory inclusion doesn’t affect the story much

  14. SMC – it’s not really a big issue for me personally (I’m not quite sure how you could possible judge that it was!). The topics you mention are obviously a factor to why people vote but I voted lab a long time ago becuase CP was important (at that time the issue you mentioned were also relevant). The reason I wanted a CP was to avoid the IHT in the UK which would have meant a 40% int bill, a bit callous I know but a bill of that amount isn’t attractive. IF a party was to move to a position that would bring in gay marriage , in particular a large party like labour, then you’d be surprised how much more votes from the gay community they would get, despite the other issues that you mention that are still present…… Gay marriage is the main obvious inequality in the UK, all other issues I don’t think any party has any strong differences… I may be proved wrong by the tory haven’t said anything yet that would make our lives worse, they seem to be carrying on the same lab policies….

  15. Sister Mary Clarance 27 Jun 2010, 11:35am

    “but the LBGT tory inclusion doesn’t affect the story much”

    Yes, Chester, my point being that it has drawn a lot of negative comment despite that.

  16. Sister Mary Clarance 27 Jun 2010, 11:43am

    “IF a party was to move to a position that would bring in gay marriage , in particular a large party like labour, then you’d be surprised how much more votes from the gay community they would get”

    Sorry John, that statement is based on what? You think gay people would sacrifice everything else just so they could use the word ‘marriage’ rather than civil partnerships.

    All the indications are that we are moving towards an amalgamation anyway, but as always vociferous to the end the me, me, me brigade want everything NOW. Change takes time and changes in legislation that affect an institution as old as marriage have to be brought in in step with public opinion if to succeed. Most straight people see civil partnerships as marriage anyway these days, its just a few pedantic gays that don’t.

    I suspect (unfortunately) that we will be assimilated into marriage soon enough and a further mark of our gay identity will crumble to dust.

  17. SMC – are you you you really a lady of the cloth, or just some deranged tory drag queen? Your ramblings on a thread about a genius mathematician are brainless. Let us not forget it was a tory government that was in power when Turing was forced to take medication for his sexuality which ultimately led to his death. So perhaps you should stop defending a traditionally homophobic party that are now trying to use historical gay figures whom they effectively murdered to make themselves appear as if they give a sh1t about queers. They don’t, get over it. And you care more about the economy than you do about gay equality, so give up on the ‘gays are selfish’ mandate, because if you think heterosexuals aren’t selfish then you need to wake up.

  18. Surely the story here is the Tory party at least beginning to get over itself on gay stuff (even if there are a few Phillipa Stroud’s hanging about in their think tanks). It’s hard to imagine a Tory comfortably giving a speech like this even five years back.

    I am most certainly not a Tory, but doubt a Labour government sixty years ago would’ve treated Turing much better. The Conservatives may have done nothing to help society move on but at least, unlike most of the Church, they are moving with it.

  19. So many TLGB people who are and have worked for the good of others in spite of it all. Alan Turing, David Hockney, Susan Sontag and I know many more.

  20. It’s an interesting coincidence that Alan Turing killed himself in Wilmslow, Cheshire, which was the birthplace of Antony Grey who played the major role in getting the 1967 Sexual Offences Act through parliament.

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