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Middle East

Israeli police reject proposed gay pride parade route through Jerusalem

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Reader comments

  1. Strangely, I actually believe there might be very real danger involved. Marching by a yeshiva would infuriate the Haredim. But I don’t think merely the specter of danger should be cause to prohibit a parade route. Appeasing extremists is a bad policy.

  2. The cancer of religion strikes again.

  3. If it were any other parade, there wouldn’t be an issue. So much for democracy in Israel. There you can’t even have a civil marriage. Israelis like gay Brits are compelled to leave their own countries to do just that. But at least Israel recognises a same-sex marriage for what it is, whereas the UK, like Germany does not.

  4. There is a long history of shocking anti gay sentiment in Jerusalem, which was to a large degree responsible also for the closing of the only gay bar there, sad especially because it was a melting pot for gays in the area, Jews and Palestinians. There is a movie called City of Borders which tells its story. Well worth seeing.

    But contrast this appalling prejudice with the extraordinarily gay-friendly Tel Aviv, just 40 miles (and several hundred years) apart. It really is another world.

  5. watch celebreties kick off the Empire State of Mind pride special on!!

  6. if Israel has banned it, it HAS to be righteous!

    I’s be downright PROUD to be banned by Israel!

    I can’t think of anything that would enhance my image more!

  7. Stephen C (comment 2) says all that needs to be said. Any discussion of this story ends in the conclusion that, like with anything else progressive in the world, ‘religious’ people generally stand opposed, in order to protect their narrow view of reality.

  8. it’s absurd!

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