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Delegates at faith-based Maltese seminar condemn gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Here we go again!

  2. Yet more proof religions are what hold humanity back.

    To the all I simply say… Stuff the lot of ya, you bunch of hypocrites.

    The day humanity does the decent thing and leaves these behind in the history books the better!!

    Bring on the progressive society!

  3. who cares what a bunch of terrorists and paedos think!!

  4. Mihangel apYrs 25 Jun 2010, 12:59pm

    they are united only in their hatred of us.

    Once they’ve loaded us into the gas chambers, or dropped walls on us, they can start on each other

  5. nothing brings religious twats together faster than hating gay people.

  6. The cancer of religion strikes again

  7. Mr Hreba: “Same-sex marriage destroys the entity of the family which began with Adam and Eve.”

    Haven’t you heard of evolution, you ignorant and hollow man? The creation story in your fairytale book is a myth.

  8. Anyone stupid enough to believe in Adam and Eve clearly believes they are imbred

  9. As others have commented, is it any wonder that relgion is losing credibility? You have His Nastyness the Arch Homophobe of Rome blaming the LGBT communities for Global Warming and every other ill which came out of Pandora’s box whilst trying to throw the old line that we can’t be allowed to adopt because we abuse kids when its his own Priests doing the damage! The Muslims hate us as well whilst they keep their own women under wraps (literally) and fight and blow each other up whilst saying they are all good muslims and brothers; ring wing Jews are no better with their pre medieval attitudes! So lets hear it for religion eh? Murder, mayhem, chaos, destruction and sadness all promoted in the name of God(!)

  10. Those Maltese Semitic people –as they are- can convert to Islam to stay in tune with their roots and split ties with Europe if they don’t feel comfortable with.

  11. Unnatural = insignificant. Immoral = subjective. Unhealthy = untrue. Fruitless (presumably he’s talking about childbearing) = irrelevant. I’m sick to the teeth of the same idiot rhetoric. I challenge the entire world to give me one good reason that homosexuality is wrong. One actual decent irrefutable reason. I’ve not heard a single one in my entire life.

  12. So they complain about “unwarranted and one-sided attacks on faith issues” and then proceed to making unwarrented and one-sided attacks on queers? Such hypocrisy. Yet again it’s one rule for religion and another for everyone else, where religion is allowed to criticise everyone/everything else but thinks it should be insulated from criticism.

  13. Vo Dong Cung 25 Jun 2010, 11:05pm

    If start from Adam-Eva why don’t we have the same last name. And if their children did not have sex to each other how can human being still exist in recent day. I wander even Adam also had sex with his daughters, Eva had sex with her sons too. The worst thing is the religion started on the base of adultery within the family. So don’t be surprise their clergy follow up.

  14. Ha, talk about desperate.

    If this is the only thing that unites these evil twins, then we’re WINNING!!!

  15. Forget Malta, Belgium is really turning up the heat on RC now.

  16. I live in Canada where we have had ssm for about 5 years nationwide (seven where I live) and I still have yet to see ANY negative social or economic impact of two men or two women getting married. Families are not just made up of a mother and a father and their kids, families are made up of people who love each other whether they be friends, blood related,married, neightbours etc. If anything allowing all people to marry who they want will undoubtedly strengthen the bonds of family.

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