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Woman attempted to sue church for performing same-sex ceremony.

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Reader comments

  1. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Jun 2010, 7:16pm

    Stupid woman.

    “The Bible speaks against that. You cannot take that in the church.”

    The bible also says I can own you as a slave.

  2. “Ms Moore said she did take the issue into account and latterly dropped her lawsuit. ”

    Hmm. Does that mean that she had the grace to concede she was wrong?

  3. So she wanted to sue the church for $250,000 for conducting a gay marriage? What was that verse about camels and the eye of a needle again?
    She really doesn’t seem that bothered about getting into that kingdom of heaven set out in her bible so long as she pockets enough loot from the proceeds! Cherry-picking much?

  4. What a sad, sick, old hypocrite. She is obviously missing that part of her brain that would enable her to understand why homophobia and racism are two sides of the same coin. It all boils down to money for her.

  5. One of the saddest sights is of one minority not applying the acceptance it seeks for itself on behalf of others. Ignorance and bigotry seem to triumph with such depressing ease sometimes.

    (The downright stupidity of some Southern Baptists is as horrendous as the more foolish branches of militant Islam.)

  6. I love black people that follow the bible. You know, the book that says slavery is ok.

  7. IRONY comes to mind when I hear about black people being so anti-gay and thinking homosexuals shouldn’t gets rights. Frankly that’s the most disgusting thing of all. It really seems the black community’s in america know how to preach about having rights and being oppressed, but they turn the most cold and blind cheek when it happens to someone else. Almost makes me sick to my stomach.

    On top of that though, leave it to america for people of faith to be so fickle as to not only run away but to even try and SUE their own church for expressing something that the bigots can’t light their torches and sharpen their pitchforks too. If that doesn’t show what modern “faith” has turned into I don’t know what does. Money grubbing bigots!

  8. `I wonder if she’s be happy if black peoples rights were treated the same way – she is a cherry-picking hypocrite
    isn’t there a think about doing unto others as they would do unto you? doesn’t that mean she wants her rights removed as well?”Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Luke 6:31, that verse is from her holy book too and the bible is mistranslated and misunderstood

  9. Didn’t the Southern Baptist Convention never disavow slavery? I mean, they apologized for it in 1993 as a matter of public relations, but they never actually renounced the doctrine. Traditionalist Southern Baptists like Pat Robertson still seem to believe in it, or at least that it was correct when it was legal (considering his assertion after the Haiti earthquake that Haiti was facing divine punishment as a nation for forcing out their French slave owners centuries ago).

    I find it very difficult to fathom how a black Southern Baptist who invokes traditionalist positions would accept the entire platform if it includes a justification of black slavery. It’s hard to fathom how there are black members of the Southern Baptist Convention at all.

  10. Serves her right for giving the church $250,000.00 in the first place. I hope the church spent it unwisely on wine, women and/or men and song.

  11. A few verses away from “thou shalt not be gay” is “thou shalt not marry your cousin,” but that’s legal in almost all of the south-eastern US, which is no doubt were this southern Baptist is from.
    If a “white” church married a mixed-race couple and someone sued, this same woman would be absolutely furious.

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