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UN human rights chief commends Iceland for legalising gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Iceland – when is the UK going to do the same? When are our gay organisations going to lobby the government and ALL parties to get gay marriage recognised in the UK. “Adequate” is not correct, civil partnerships are no equal to gay marriages. It’s the major gay issue in the UK and the main obstacle to equality in the UK. By the way now that Iceland has brought gay marriages in what does it classify the British CP as – it used to only recognise Nordic same sex partnership, Finland and Holland. Has it done anything in this new act to recognise foreign CP/marriages including the UK one????

  2. > The chief of human rights at the United Nations has praised Iceland for allowing
    > gay couples to marry

    When will she, and the bodies she advises that regularly report on individual nations’ human rights records, start doing the obvious corollary, and start criticising the denial of the right to marry elsewhere, like in the UK?

    > Has it done anything in this new act to recognise foreign CP/marriages including
    > the UK one????

    They did the simple, sensible thing and opened marriage up equally. Oh, and turned all their same-sex partnerships into marriages (hope everyone as happy with that – I imagine some UK radicals wouldn’t have been).

    Civil partnerships are not the same as marriage, and it would be as wrong to automatically recognise a UK GP as a marriage in Iceland as it is to automatically downgrade a foreign marriage to a CP in the UK. Marriage can include concepts such as love, romance, religious support, sexual fidelity and international recognition, all of which are specifically excluded from CP, which are simply contracts, whatever bells and whistles people may decorate them with. Lesbian an gay people, of course not being considered by the hate-mongers to be capable of love, romance, sexual fidelity, or of having religious support.

    I suspect that there is so much difference in the UK that people are going to have to dissolve their CPs and have new marriages, when we get equality. Still, more lovely money for the wedding industry.

  3. oatc – I totally agree but it would still be interesting to know what rights/recognition they give British CPs at the moment, some countries eg Belgium upgrade CPs to marriages and other countries Sitzerland/Germany/UK downgrade marriages to CPs. France recognises foreign same sex marriage (providing neither is French) and recognises CP as themselves… Does the FCO or Stonewall know?

  4. Tim Hopkins 23 Jun 2010, 8:36am

    oatc – wanting CP retained is not about being radical; it’s about choice. Some people prefer CP to marriage and it would be wrong to force people who have a CP to change it to a marriage if they don’t want to.

    I am a strong supporter of equal marriage, and the Equality Network alongside our colleagues at LGBT Youth Scotland, are national Scottish organisations working for it here in Scotland. But we’re working for both marriage and CP to be available as choices for all couples regardless of gender.

    If the campaign for equal marriage is based on forcing people with CPs to change to marriage, then from the start the campaign would alienate a significant number of its potential supporters. In fact worse; it would turn them into dedicated opponents.

  5. John — France doesnt recognise foreign same-sex marriages

  6. Froggy – France recognises foreign same sex marriage providing neither partners is French, a French partner is unable to have his/hers status updated in their birth register since France does not recognise gay marriages for its own nationals. If both partners are foreign then there is no such issue – private international law applies…see ministerial response from minister of justice to Masson on the issue of recognition of Dutch gay marriages in France. Bi nationals have particular problems in their own countries so don’t get them confused with non nationals…

  7. Truly amazing that France recognises same sex foreign marriages yet our own government downgrades them to civil partnerships which of course they most certainly are not since no civil partnership is contracted between a same-sex coupl, British or otherwise.

    Belgium does NOT upgrade CPs to marriage, sorry. Iceland will recognise CPs for what they are, but definitely not as marriages, no country does that or ever will.

    Well done Iceland, you put us in the UK to shame, truly amazing that same-sex marriage there was unanimously approved while in the UK it is unanimously opposed even by some of our own gay people. How backward can we get?

  8. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 25 Jun 2010, 10:12am

    Luxembourg and Solvenia will be next in July, then Denmark in 2011 and then Finland in 2012!!!! in Europe.

    Nepal in 2011 in Asia – the first country in Asia by the way!

    Both Uruguay and Argentina in South America by 2012.

  9. Oooh, and Jóhanna (our PM) and her wife Jónína got married today just after the law went into effect. :-) So happy for them, good news like that is always good to hear.

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