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Middle East

Travel: Tel Aviv- bursting with pride

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Reader comments

  1. A taste of what Benjamin Cohen has written can be seen in the DVD by Eytan Fox called the Bubble (Ha which is a narrative on gay life in Tel Aviv -the hub of secular Israel (or what is left of it).The love story of Naom & Ashraf goes along way to explain the now horrendous complexities of Arab/Jew relationships.

    With the influx of Jews from arab countries and especially from Russia allied to the increasing influence of American pressure groups have pushed Israel far from the European socialist state it set out to be until today it is Florida on the Mediterranean.

    Above all – Tel Aviv is NOT Israel – far from it.In its ferocity Judaic fundamentalism is becoming the equal of its Islamic counterpart and that is what you would see in the rest of Israel.

    301 British soldiers have died in Afghanistan fighting the Islamic terrorists of the Taleban and Al Queda while Israel uses theatre weapons of war against virtually defenceless Arab civilian communities in South Lebanon & Gaza and murders members of relief convoys.In my mind one is connected to the other – our soldiers die because Muslim feelings are rightly inflamed and Israel does not give a damn.

    Netanyahu is a spiv,Barak is discredited and Lieberman is simply a vile racist.

  2. Why do people so criticise modern Israel?….because they care about her!

    Good friends can make you see the reality more clearly.

  3. Geof Jarvis 22 Jun 2010, 5:12pm

    Two words: Sun City.

  4. “virtually defenceless Arab civilian communities in South Lebanon & Gaza?” Because the Arabs in Gaza who launched thousands of rockets into Israel intentionally aimed at innocent civilians are defenitely “virtually defenceless.” As are the Arab members of the terrorist group Hizbullah in Lebanon who have st-ck piled tens-if not hundreds-of thousands of rockets thanks to Iran. Definitely defenceless!

  5. Thank you, JD

  6. Leaving aside the political issues of Israel versus its neighbours, it saddens e to see that Mr Cohen cannot give up the self evident intellectual drivel that is religion today. There is no need in modern educated society for beliefs based on sky fairies; the continuation of ludicrous bronze age dietary laws into the modern age; and in its more backward (orthodox) form a heavy dose of homophobia.

    Benjamin should abandon such nonsense (along with all other religion) and concentrate on full integration into secular Britain.

    And for the avoidance of doubt I would say that same thing about any other religion – I do accept that being a gay Jew is slightly less ridiculous than being a gay catholic or a gay Muslim :-)

  7. Benjamin Cohen 22 Jun 2010, 9:01pm


    I’m in essence an atheist Jew, a cultural Jew. I think that’s compatible with my sexuality because I can keep/ do the things that culturally resonate with me as an individual without being tied into any theocratic dogma.


  8. Well said JD – the ignorance displayed by the knee-jerk Israeli haters is astounding as is their head-in-the sand apologist stance towards the murderous muslim terrorist groups and governments who hate gays as much as they hate the Jews.

  9. John(Derbyshire) 22 Jun 2010, 10:41pm

    I just wish that the chief Rabbi- Dr Jonathan Sachs-had not written that piece in The Times earlier this year-praising the Pope for his stand against proposed equality laws appertaining to gay UK citizens! I just couldn`t believe that such a prominent british jew would be in supposrt of an anti-semitic religion (remember pope Pious x11th?) who eleveates to sainthood holocaust-deny ers. If you read this Ben- just tell me why oh way did Jonathan Sachs write that stuff?

  10. Benjamin Cohen 22 Jun 2010, 11:35pm

    No idea. Normally, he sensibly stays out of the debate when it comes to homosexuality.

  11. There are many things I could criticise Israel, and the Jewish religion for, but it seems they are pretty understanding and tolerant when it comes to homosexuality. The fact that Lionel Blue, an openly gay rabbi can preach his word on Radio 4 has to be worth something. I don’t follow his faith, but his hearts in the right place, and I appreciate the Jewish churches support of him.

    I just wish they could show the same tolerance to Palestinians.

  12. Jess Conrad 23 Jun 2010, 7:38am

    To Me, Isreal has not changed since they took their first steps off that Ship in 1948. It’s because their Arab neighbours will not allow them to exist and this situation is on-going. I have watched the Jewish – Arab situation since 1948 and things have got worse rather than better. I Love Benjamin Cohen’s Journalisum….If only writing could make things right?

  13. I find the whole Israel/Jewish situation very confusing. You can have a transgender woman winning the Eurovision contest for Israel, huge Gay pride parades and open Gayness; fantastic! You have Lionel Blue and Julia Neuberger, two of the most respected Jews in the uK with their liberal attitudes. Its another world from the political dealings over Palestine and the Right Wing Jews who seem no better than fundamentlist Muslims! As I say, I am confused!(PS the Rabbi needs his head looking if he thinks anything the Arch Homophobe of Rome says is good!)

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  15. Jess Conrad 26 Sep 2010, 4:21pm

    ALL YOU ATHEISTS’ If Ever The Time Arose You All without exeption say “OH! GOD SAVE ME!?”…..WOULD’NT THEY BEN?

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