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Prom ban lesbian teenager to visit White House and lead New York Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Lucio Buffone 22 Jun 2010, 2:04pm

    I love her

  2. Good news :D And I’m glad she gets to visit the White House while her prejudiced, spiteful classmates go nowhere.

  3. Her t-shirt could read “I survived bigotry and prejudice and left it behind in Itawamba’

  4. go candace!! she deserves this major event!! we’re all proud of you girlie!!

  5. Justice! – it sometimes happens. You go girl, and shine while your bigoted classmates fester in the middle of nowhere xxx

  6. Hooray for Constance! Great news.

    If the stupid classmates can’t understand the importance of inclusivity and the fact that it was the bigoted school that ruined the prom, and not Constance, they are not worth listening to.

  7. Superb news to hear, she really deserves some good fortune. Plus, its the best two fingers up at her idiotic former classmates ever!

  8. Way to go, gal. Very nice :-)

  9. Great news It would be great if she could get the other class mates that were sent to the fake prom to go with her to show that the gay comunity tends to be more inclusive Now that would be a real smack in the chops for the familys of the BIGOTS that set the fake prom up
    Either way she has done good and i hope she has a great day that she can remeber for the rest of her life

  10. PS

    Wear the tux with pride !

  11. David in Indy 24 Jun 2010, 8:50am

    Poor Constance. She’s fallen victim to Obama’s evil political system. She’s bought the lie just as I did a couple years ago when I voted for his sorry ass.

    Obama is about to bring down BP and strip you all of your pensions. Do you realize that? Over something of no fault to Great Britain what-so-ever. You want your savings wiped out? Alrighty then, please keep singing the praises of Obama. And Constance (although she doesn’t realize it yet). Obama is hell bent on bringing Britain down, and he hates gay people. He lied. To us all. May we all drink and choke on his oil.

  12. The Lord should rain fire and brimstone on that inhospitable town and their mean, cruel people.

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