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Homosexuality is ‘icky’, says Mike Huckabee

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Reader comments

  1. Commander Thor 22 Jun 2010, 4:10pm

    I find it extremely bizarre that such homophobes tend to think of anal sex as soon as you mention gay rights. They take great pains to describe the physical act and express disapproval. They can neither understand that many gay men don’t practise anal sex, a lot of straight couples practise it and lesbians don’t have the biological equipment for it, nor realise that their obsession with anal sex is intriguing at best. Check out the biggest Facebook hate group ever:

  2. Mr Huckabee, You certainly have the “ick” factor!! you despicable little man.

  3. marjangles 22 Jun 2010, 4:36pm

    It’s bizarre really, his issue is with anal sex, something which is now legal in all 50 states. Preventing gay marriage won’t decrease the instances of anal sex, not least because the vast majority of anal sex is carried out by heterosexuals.

    And quite frankly, finding something a bit icky is no reason to outlaw something.

  4. Commander Thor 22 Jun 2010, 4:45pm

    Hell, I find the process of giving birth to be a bit icky, let’s ban it!

  5. To think this moron is a presidential candidate in 2012. The problem with this is that they think religion owns marriage. Only in America can a religious bigot run for the highest office and get support from his conservative republican party. At least in Britain we don’t have our leaders expressing such disapproval or even allude to anything icky about our orientation. Sadly though, I’m sure Cameron, Brown and his successor will agree with Huckabee on one thing, that civil marriage should not be extended to same sex couples. I wonder how Huckabee would respond to a straight couple marrying, one of whom was incapable of having sex for whatever reason since the “equipment” can’t do what its supposed to do? His argument is deeply flawed and so is he, an aberration of nature if ever there were. I’m convinced religious bigots like him are mentally ill.

  6. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Jun 2010, 4:58pm

    Yes, it´s funny that.. Personally, I find this man ´icky´. To think that he was running for President!?!? Incredible that these people think they have a valid mandate!

  7. Same old, same old. The essence of bigotry is this sort of egotism – he finds something distasteful so it must be denigrated and devalued – his peculiar sense of taste is a universal moral compass and must be imposed in discriminatory laws on others. We Europeans have our faults, but generally politicians can’t make much hay by pretending to be dumb cowboys or denouncing Darwinism (and that’s what Americans living here have said to me, too).

  8. Patrick James 22 Jun 2010, 5:50pm

    The British Conservative Party will no doubt be supporting the Republicans in 2012.

    Even if there are Conservatives who are queazy about supporting an open homophobe they probably don’t have any choice as Rupert Murdoch will want them to support the Republicans and whatever Murdoch wants, the Conservatives will do.

    I think that the Conservative party’s support for the Republicans at the US elections is almost entirely tied up with Murdoch personally. Like so many of the Conservatives overseas policies this one very badly damages UK interests. Barack Obama was no doubt hugely angry at the way the Conservatives backed the Republicans against him and so Obama will not have been minded to make life easy for Cameron over this BP oil spill business.

    When Obama looks across the atlantic at countries he would like to deal with he can choose Germany or France or many other countries which do not have governments that worked hard to prevent his becoming elected.

    There is no advantage for the UK if the Republicans do get elected.

    There is a great advantage for Rupert Murdoch if the Republicans get elected in the US, and that is why I think the Conservatives back the Republicans at US elections.

  9. Commander Thor – that facebook groups os the most ignorant, hateful thing dressed up as Christianity that I have ever seen, except for perhaps the Pope.

    As for “icky” – that’s just immature.

  10. Anyone who believes in god has an “ick” factor and should never have a place of power. Their judgment is clouded and controlled by a closed mind set.

  11. Do the GOP ever realise that they will NEVER get a massive portion of the vote, the gay vote, by being so ignorant and down right stupid?

  12. Huckabee is a byword for prejudice and ignorance. What a pathetic little man.

    And, yes, all these homophobes are obsessed with sex. In my opinion, they hate themselves for it and so, as many people with personal issues do, they take their hatred out on others.

    Huckabee should see a counsellor.

  13. “Ick”? How old is this individual, 12?

    (I’m being generous.)

  14. I agree with the first post why do these silly little men alway think anal? lets wait for the rent boy /toilet scandal to break with this one. Those that are homophobes almost always have something to hide

  15. The “ick factor”, has he ever considered ‘his face factor’ might have more of an effect on voters.

    What an excuse for man.

    I’ve gone off Americans and I feel terrible about it.

  16. I don’t understand why you people are surprised. This is a man who denies the fact of evolution in favour of the literal interpretation of the Bible. In other words, he is an idiot.

    We should not take anything he says seriously.

  17. I love how he starts this nonsense “I do believe that God…”

    In essence, you can put whatever you like in front of that opening line and its valid:

    “I do believe that God… [insert any old nonsense]”

    For example “I do believe that God dress up in drag for kicks and molests angels”

    Who’s going to prove me wrong.

  18. It is the woman or the men in his life I feel so desperately sorry for, my heart goes out to them. Can you imagine having to lie there while he gets his leg over. OMG even the thought of it is enough to reach for the bottle. At least Ted Haggard was reasonably fit but this waxwork is only fit for Madame Tussauds.

  19. Is it just me or does this Icky-Mickey look like he is squeezing something between the cheeks of his arsehole.

    Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.
    Attack life, it’s going to kill you anyway. — Steven Coallier

    We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. — Winston Churchill.

  20. If you think Mike’s is bad, take at look at the other half, Janet.

    She looks embalmed. Honestly, take a deep breath before copying and pasting the link.

  21. Whoooa!!! Thanks, Europeans, for putting it like nobody else can. *chuckle* (Me = “straight” but not narrow-minded American)

  22. Yep – this one certainly has got something to hide!

  23. And God said: THOU PROTESTETH TOO MUCH – Why are these so called Hetros so pre-occupied with the act of same-sex sex?

  24. George Vye & Ward Stewart 23 Jun 2010, 7:55pm

    I find Huckabee icky. Also what can we expect from a man who lives in a country that has “In God we trust” on its money?
    BTW, I’ve lived with the same partner for 54 years, and have never found any part of those years icky.

  25. And then there’s always the “sick factor” associated with homophobia and homophobes like Huckabee.

    What is really icky is the unpleasant stuff inside Huckabee’s head and what comes out of his unpleasant mouth.

  26. Isn’t this man just a classic example of a closet case living in denial?!

  27. Huckabee is such an ignorant moron. It pains me to think that Europeans consider him representative of the USA. Thank all gods great and small that I live in California, where arseholes like this are ridiculed, not elected.

    I was once unfortunate enough to have a boss like Huckabee, who subjected me to endless homophobic rants. When I finally mustered the courage to object, he turned on me and made my life miserable until I quit. Oh yes, and he was a racist anti-Semite on top of it.

    “Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…”

  28. First of all I DON’T CONSIDER HIM AS REPRESENTIVE FOR USA okay i guess da sucking countries do… So what if it was ment to “be a woman and man biologically?” How about psychologically? The feelings. Take a good look at a couple where the man is gay and the woman is a lesbian. they are forced into a marriage and on the top of all. they are teenagers. Healthy normal 17 year old teens. Still normal right? Lol i bet that guy gets turned on by two chicks making out.

  29. I live in Arkansas and when Huckabee was Governor it was hell. There was absolutely no progress. The sad thing is a little over a half of Americans approve of same sex marriage. It’s plausible that Huckabee will get the Republican nomination and have a strong campaign in 2012. I just hope that the Democrats are successful and the majority vote will swing Democrat because if not the Electoral College will give Huckabee reign. And if he’s president, hell i’ll move to another country….he’s a closed minded misrepresentation of Arkansas and the United States. I rank him up there with Westboro Baptist. Religion should not be used as a political platform nor serve as such a mainpoint in a land of the free. I don’t feel so free. I can’t marry, serve, or go a day without some form of discrimination thanks to those like Mike Huckabee and the powerful positions they hold or campaign to hold.

  30. Tyler Drum 13 Jun 2013, 5:17pm

    Mike Huckabee ran for Prez in 2008 not 2012

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