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22 June 2010

  • 22nd June 2010

    HIV charity concerned at disability allowance reforms 23

    NAT fears HIV-positive people could struggle to get disability allowances

    5:17 PM — The HIV/AIDS charity National AIDS Trust has said it is "very concerned" at a Budget announcement that Disability Living Allowance will be reformed. New and existing claimants for the support will be subjected to medical tests.

  • UN human rights chief commends Iceland for legalising gay marriage 9

    A Pride celebration in Iceland

    4:25 PM — The chief of human rights at the United Nations has praised Iceland for allowing gay couples to marry. The country's parliament unanimously approved a same-sex marriage law last month, which is to come into effect this weekend.

  • Homosexuality is ‘icky’, says Mike Huckabee 30

    Mike Huckabee does not support gay marriage

    3:59 PM — Mike Huckabee, the Republican 2012 presidential candidate, has said he does not support gay marriage partly because of the "ick factor". The former Arkansas governor, who ran for the presidential nomination in 2008, has a long history of making homophobic remarks.

  • Former Mr Gay UK faces series of male rape charges

    Mark Carter is facing multiple sexual assault charges

    1:56 PM — A former Mr Gay UK winner has appeared in court to face a number of sexual assault charges. Mark Carter, a 27-year-old policeman from Huddersfield, was charged with two offences of sexual assault on males, one attempted sexual assault, one count of male rape and one count of attempted male rape.

  • Prom ban lesbian teenager to visit White House and lead New York Pride 12

    Constance McMillen will visit the White House and lead New York Pride

    1:31 PM — Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teenager barred from going to prom with her girlfriend, is to attend a Pride reception at the White House this evening.

  • Travel: Tel Aviv- bursting with pride 15

    A father stands up for his gay son

    12:20 PM — Benjamin Cohen finds that four nights in Tel Aviv for LGBT pride dramatically changed his perception of Israel. Four nights in Tel Aviv, for the city’s LGBT pride celebrations has changed me in a way no holiday ever has before. My attitudes and perceptions of Israel have changed dramatically and it’s also changed the way that I reconcile my sexuality with my religion.

  • Trans woman wins right to backdated pension 12

    Christine Timbrell won the right to have her pension backdated to the age of 60

    11:56 AM — A trans woman who refused to divorce her wife has won the right to get her pension backdated. Christine Timbrell, 69, transitioned in 2000 but is not legally recognised as a woman because she will not divorce her wife of 43 years, Joy.

  • US to give gay workers more parental rights 1

    The US Labor Department is expected to announce the changes this week

    11:29 AM — The US Labor Department is to give gay workers equal access to unpaid leave when caring for a newborn or loved one. It is expected to announce the change today, to bring medical leave for gay couples in line with rights given to straight couples.

  • Beenie Man won’t play Dutch music festival 8

    Beenie Man will not play at the Dutch festival

    10:05 AM — Organisers of the Dutch Parkpop music festival have withdrawn their invitation to the controversial Jamaican singer Beenie Man to play at the event.

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