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Vanessa Carlton announces she’s a ‘proud bisexual woman’

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Reader comments

  1. Oh enough !!! Has she ever had a relationship with a woman?
    No, nor have half the “bisexual” women of pop.

  2. I thought that coming out as bi was the latest cool thing for pop artists?
    If they are true; then at least it will be getting into the public’s eye, thus (hopefully) meaning more acceptance/understanding of LGBT people.

  3. Instincts tell me to be cynical of yet another apparently bi-sexual popster, but coming out in in Tennessee takes guts, so she may be more genuine than those who use the faux-lesbian “kisses” on-stage to boost their record sales.

  4. wow… so much biphobia here.

  5. Phoenix0879 22 Jun 2010, 4:55am

    Ah, an article about someone coming out as bisexual (and, as George pointed out, in Tennessee I tend to believe it, that is NOT the place to make such a claim for publicity) and the Biphobia comes thick and fast. Pink News needs to grow a set and deal with the bigotry expressed by various posters here.

    For this woman, I’ve never heard of her (like that country and western singer who came out last month), but more power to her.

  6. Why? She’s just jumping on a bandwagon. Anyone who ever hugged another woman in public can claim to be Bi. It’s publicity. that’s all.

    I am bi. and bored with these sort of people jumping on the wagon. ok.

  7. Andy Q:
    > Oh enough !!! Has she ever had a relationship with a woman?
    > No, nor have half the “bisexual” women of pop.

    Since when was the qualification for stating a sexuality to have already had a relationship? I’ve had four long-term relationships with other women and never had a relationship with a guy, and probably never will because it really scares me, but I know from my fantasies and responses that I’m bisexual.

  8. I think some of you are being a bit harsh to this poor woman. Just because you don’t know of her having a girlfriend or feelings to someone of the same sex doesn’t mean that she hasn’t! For example, Chely Wright was with a woman for 12 years and had been having relationships with women for over 20 years and nobody knew she was gay until she told everyone.
    And like George and Phoenix0879 said, Tennessee really isn’t the place to say something like this for a joke, trust me, I just got back from a holiday there! They are (as a whole) hardly the most liberal people in the world.

  9. Wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if 1 of these bisexual female stars was actually in a same sex relationship.

    Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Anna Paquin, Pink, Christina Aguilera and now Vanessa Carlton are all allegedly bisexual but only come out as such when safely involved in an opposite sex relationship.

    I’m not saying that they are lying and being opportunistic by claiming to be bisexual (but of course this cannot be entirely discounted as a possibility); I’m just saying that I can’t remember a celebrity, female bisexual being involved in a same sex relationship.

  10. Not that this particular woman is only doing this to call attention but I miss the bisexual stars of the old times like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich who didn’t have to announce their sexuality to the whole world.

  11. bi bi baby 23 Jun 2010, 4:38pm

    What’s biphobic about being cynical about publicity hungry celebs? However, As has been stated, more power to this young woman for standing in front of a Tennessee audience and admitting to it. I wish I’d had her courage years ago. Being closeted didn’t stop me being bisexual.

  12. i think alot of bis seem to be with heteros more so than same sex partners because there are physically more straights to choose from. even i who preffered women and have been with women found it hard to find any women loving women when i was younger. and bis should not have to prove something about themselves by dumping their lover and getting a new one to prove anything to suspicious people who must be bored of they even care. love is love it is far more powerful than sexuality it is to bis anyway where the gender thing is so blurry it becomes alot about the person …..yes their junk is hot too. yes pop stars have been bo friend to us but lets try and move past it. should bis have to carry around signed documents and videos of their same sex liasions to prove they are bi? hey babe before we get freaky do you mind if i switch on this camera you know just so for the rest of my life i won’t be called a liar when I am honest about who i am.

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