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Rainbow circus theme for Liverpool’s first Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Gary Everett 21 Jun 2010, 3:58pm

    Liverpool Pride is a welcome addition to an already thriving and progressive LGBT cultural scene. It is the first Pride in 10 years but Liverpool also has Homotopia, an annual funded LGBT arts & cultural festival, Outsiders -An LGBT film festival and Our Story Liverpool – a unique LGBT heritage project. There are many cities without such vibrancy and diversity in the LGBT cultural sector and it is misleading to suggest that there is nothing else happening in Liverpool. Come on Pink News check your facts and not bash Liverpool too much

  2. liverpool is the most bigoted homophobic backward western city ive ever been to, the place reeks of ingrained catholic and protestant bigots. the gay scene is about 50 years behind london, and about 25 years behind manchester. fukcin awful place. bad. the worst place ive ever lived. EVER. liverpool needs a pride, not some stuck up arty cultural event that about twenty people go to. the gay bars are embarrassingly bad. they’re so bad its funny. there isnt one decent gay bar in the dump. the gay clubs are straight clubs with a few gay lads in there. the gay scene is almost non existent. trust me, if you’re gay do not go to liverpool. and if you’re gay and live in liverpool, move out as soon as you can.

  3. Pride on the Mersey… there’ll be trouble!!!!

  4. Another of Jay’s wonderfully inspiring comments based on bile and anger…. go get some medication, mate, spare us all.

  5. and where are your inspiring comments declan? cause the only anger is the anger you felt when you read my comment, and the bile is the comment you left. trust me, im as chilled as they come. im guessing youre one of those ‘proud’ scousers that cant handle the truth about your sh1te city.

  6. Gary Everett 22 Jun 2010, 7:27am

    Just to clarify Jay’s comments about Liverpool. There as just as many atheists, buddhists, muslims, beefcakes, lesbians and chums even afficianodos of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as there are catholics and protestants living in the city. Times have changed a fair bit and its not the place you describe in your email. You make it so black & white and should get out more. In fact take a coach trip and visit the city and see how it has transformed. We are also producing gay exorcisms (if only for entertainment purposes) after-life seminars, & day classes in dragging up as Linda Blair (the famous child star from The Exorcist)
    Come on and give the city a whirl …you really ought to x

  7. michael, liverpool 22 Jun 2010, 10:32am

    Oh Jay please, when was the last time you were there love? And I doubt there’ll be trouble for God sake, every Mathew Street Festival there’s a Garlands stage with drag shows and entertainment as camp as tits. We’re talking tens of thousands of scousers see it every year and don’t batter an eye lid, so all this bull about trouble is just that, bull! And seen as we have a thriving gay quarter already, which everybody knows is there, I’m sure the natives can live with a Pride. Jay I think youve been watching too many Harry Enfield’s, but dear the show finished 15 years ago, let go!

  8. #6 and #7 – yawn. you should get to manchester or london and see what a gay quarter is.

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