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Obama could veto military gay ban bill over spending issue

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Reader comments

  1. How convenient.

    Obama really has been such a massive disappointment.

    He has shown himself up as a typical, sleazy, dishonest politician who will tell any lie on earth to persuade people to vote for him.

    Then again should we be surprised. Obama supports marriage apartheid after all.

    If DADT is not repealed by the time of the next election then no LGBT person should vote for him again.

  2. Yes, indeed, he has been a major disappointment just like his counterparts Blair, Brown and now Cameron. Actually, he has more in common with Cameron at this point, neither believe in full marriage equality, but strongly support inequality by supporting the ban on gay people marrying. This president has learned absolutely nothing from the civil rights movement and I’m certain, Dr. Martin Luther King would not agree with him. Absolutely appalling if he veto’s this bill.

  3. marjangles 21 Jun 2010, 2:55pm

    The problem LGBT people have is that they either vote for someone like Obama who does at least make the right noises and has done a few, albeit small, thing for gay people or you get a Republican who will reverse the changes Obama has made and attempt to get a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage in every state which is something that not even the supreme court could do anything about. Calls not to vote for Obama are very much like cutting off your nose to spite your face since the alternative is so much worse.

    It’s the devil and the deep blue sea for LGBT Americans but at least with a Democrat then chances are nothing will move backwards. And it is true that Obama has been a disappointment in terms of gay rights but do we think that President McCain would have been better? But Obama’s in a really tough spot on this one. He has consistently said that he will veto any funding for these planes so what should he do? The people who are attempting to put this funding in the bill are doing it deliberately to damage Obama, either way he has to break one of his pledges.

  4. Not one single person ahould be expected to lay down their lives if they can’t have the true respect they deserve.

    The fact remains that many are willing to hide behind the disgraceful DADT policy to serve and protect their country. Presidents, including the most disappointing Obama, should be bowing their heads in shame for not giving Their brave LGB soldiers to have the rights of respect they deserve.

    The fact that these men and woman fight for their country as well as fight to protect their own identity is brave beyond believe and in itself derserving of their Leaders Utmost respect.

    To make excuses not to grant them their freedom to be themselves is in itself a crime Against humanity.

  5. Bill Perdue 21 Jun 2010, 3:34pm

    Get it right, PinkNews. The bill before Congress is not repeal.

    It might, emphasis on the might, lead to repeal. If we’re good little boys and girls and send in our donations to the Democratic (sic) National Committee.

    Right now it’s just Obama and the Democrats teasing us, holding the knife in the hand that’s patting us on the back, pending our vote in November.

    Repeal of Bill Clinton’s DOMA and passage of ENDA are being postponed for year.

    A Republican is a rancid right centrist with a theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat is a Republican in drag.

    The looter rich much prefer working with Democrats like Obama and the Clintons – they’re greedier, they fool more people and they’re able to get away with a lot more than Republicans.

    For those in the military or thinking of enlisting don’t be a victim of Obama’s wars to make the world safe for BP, Texaco and Haliburton from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Arabia.

    Don’t enlist. Don’t fight. Don’t Translate.

  6. The current problem with America is (contrary to the opinions of the questionable projects of the Murdochs of the world) that there are no liberals anymore in positions of power. We have the very right leaning centrists like Obama and the extreme right wing fascists masquerading as Patriots (but who are usually just completely without any knowledge of current or past events to form any valid opinions whatsoever so they buy whatever is handed to them by the people manipulating them). We also have the lunatic fringe who focus on only one issue. One of the most terrible things I have heard recently is a gay man at a gay gathering telling me that Sarah Palin was wonderful, just because she is against abortion as he thought that was the only important issue (needless to say a gay Christian Republican, some times we really are our own worst enemies, stupid is also everywhere). Obama was never a disappointment to most of us who were in Illinois, he was exactly as expected. That he would be anything really supportive was just convenient propaganda, but his record never supported that propaganda. He was never visible in the gay community in Illinois except to comment against us. The sad reality though is that we could have done worse, and might in November if people do not get more sensible damn quick. No Republican is the friend of freedom, much less gays. If you think that is an unfair statement, start reading, a lot, an informed opinion is the best one, there is a reason the most educated usually vote liberal in most countries.

  7. Hes a homophobe
    He had no plan of repealling DADT and thats why someone else had to do it instead while he made excuses
    Now if it gets repealled he’ll try and stop it
    A vote for Obama is a vote for a biggot and he doesn’t offer any reason to believe him, what change has he bought since he got elected?

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