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Theresa May says sportsmen and newspaper editors must ‘take action’ against homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps the editor of PinkNews can take note of May’s words? She talked of equality for all LGBT, you just take note of homophobia and yet again ignore transphobia. Wonder if ignoring transphobia is a form of discrimination…

  2. The woman who coined the phrase the nasty party voted against the repeal of the digusting section 28? Says it all!!!

  3. Of course she voted for Civil Partnerships. She believes in keeping us as second class citizens. CPs are the best way to institutionalize it. It looks to me like she has a consistent homophobic voting record.

  4. Allowing gay people to have religious civil partnerships?! The Tories fought tooth and nail against that!

    And still more second class rights for us. The Tories, homophobes to the core

  5. but it is essential to advance the cause of LGB and T rights
    And oh them damn trans people!; better just tack them on the end to keep them happy;
    call me paranoid but I’m starting to feel like second class person from my own community

  6. highlighted business leaders, sportsmen and newspaper editors as some of those who “need to take action.

    Let’s hope that the broadcast media aren’t forgotten.

  7. By the way, is any of this being reported by the BBC?

  8. Her commentary published by Pink News and the other recent remarks of Ms May appear to be more politically calculated placative gestures than a sincere belief on her part. Why does Pink News continue to let her get away with this without challenge?

  9. Patrick James 18 Jun 2010, 2:59pm

    In this article Theresa May is reported to say that ensuring equality:

    not a job for government alone

    But I think she really means, not a job for government at all.

    It is true that changing culture is important but culture changes as a result of government activity, not as a result of government telling culture to change.

    If the government is slow to bring about equality for LGBT people then that sends out a very strong message that LGBT people are not to be respected as equals.

    Telling newspapers etc, “treat LGBT people as equals” is very weak when the government is obviously not enthusiastic about doing this themselves.

    If the Conservative party wishes for LGBT people to be perceived as equals then it has the opportunity to make a real statement about that by making it possible for LGBT people to marry as opposed to form civil partnerships.

  10. A “cultural change” would be greatly accelerated by showing that LGBT people are equal. While the Government treats us like second-class citizens by denying us the right to marry, how can we expect society to take homophobia as seriously as racism, for example. And while religious schools are allowed to preach that we’re wrong/evil/sinners because of who we are, then it’s no wonder that homophobia still exists, is it?

    If Ms May was serious about change, she’d make marriage gender neutral; make it clear to religions that being gay is who we are and not a choice, and therefore any anti-gay preaching would be taken as seriously as racism; stop funding religious schools; and stop providing opt-outs from the law for religion.

    Decisive action’s needed, not mere words.

  11. Patrick James 18 Jun 2010, 3:23pm

    The article states that Theresa May believes “everyone in society” has a part to play in ensuring equality. She highlighted

    business leaders, sportsmen and newspaper editors

    as some of those who “need to take action”.

    Does Theresa May think that schools have a part to play and I wonder why she does not highlight them?

    On the same day as Theresa is talking this vacuous guff, Michael Gove is doing something very real by setting out the government’s plans for “free schools” as reported in this Guardian article.

    Today is the day that parents can begin applying to set them up.

    Michael Gove says that:

    he expected teachers, parent groups, charities and philanthropists to express interest in setting up free schools

    Not included in that list is religions. However I know and the Conservative party knows very well that religions are to be by far the biggest group interested.

    In January the Daily Mail printed an article Why David Cameron wants a boom in faith schools. In the article it says:

    Senior figures in the Roman Catholic Church have already expressed a strong interest in running the ‘free schools’ proposed by the Conservatives.

    Michael Gove doesn’t choose to mention them :)

    I think these ‘free schools’ will be predominantly set up by religious groups.

    The Conservatives will give them carte blanche on issues such as equality for LGBT people.

    Even though the schools will be funded entirely be the tax payer the religions will be able to do pretty much whatever they want with the children.

    That is the reality of the Conservatives on LGBT issues. Not the guff Theresa May is talking.

  12. She should act on her own words. I agree with the statements in this article, but where on earth is her action? A distinct lack of it, but action has to begin from the top.

  13. Jess Conrad 18 Jun 2010, 4:48pm

    Well done Theresa, keep the Ball rolling…!

  14. I had to check that it wasn’t April 1st – Tory Home Secretaries exhorting opinion-formers to tackle homophobia, ‘egad!! But methinks that if the LibDems weren’t keeping them in power we wouldn’t be hearing a squeak out of them about it. Never mind – freely to paraphrase St Paul,and in a cause he might not approve(or more likely just not understand) we should rejoice at the preaching of the gospel, even in the mouths of the less than sincere.

  15. Sister Mary Clarance 18 Jun 2010, 5:07pm

    Its truly heart-warming to see all you Labour trolls so gracious in your defeat.

    Nothing the Tory/Lib Dem coalition says over the next few years is going to be enough so keep the bile brewing its going to be a long ride.

  16. This is 2010 and we Have to learn to put the past behind and focus on the now and the future. What’s happened in the past ok, isn’t good but this woman Is trying her best to show she is about the future and credit Has to be given for that.

    When the country in such a mess, left to us by the last government, we has to accept that Ms May is doing what the New Lib/Tory government is trying to do, when really she could have chosen not to bother. The fact is despite that, she is.

    See past it and lets focus on the hopefully positive future.

    I now I will but then I’ve never been one for living in the past…. lives too short

  17. Let’s put it this way, you either want them to do something, or you don’t so that you can keep on whinging. I’m guessing with some of you it’s the latter!

  18. To Squidgy et al – I’m not sure if generic ‘you’ or ‘Labour troll’ refer to me among others, but I haven’t sympathised with Labour since they decided to tear up lots of our Civil Liberties and embroil us in illegal and pointless wars – I’m a social democrat, which they certainly are no longer, if they ever were. To get to the main point, I think you’ll find I welcomed what Theresa May said – and acknowledged that it is a sign of progress whether she had her arm twisted or not.

  19. Benjamin Cohen 18 Jun 2010, 6:12pm

    I think comment #1 is very unfair. PinkNews covers more about Trans issues than any other LGBT news publication in the UK.

  20. George Broadhead, PTT 18 Jun 2010, 6:37pm

    Iris (10) and Patrick James(11) have hit the nail on the head.

  21. George Broadhead, PTT 18 Jun 2010, 7:02pm

    Iris (10) and Patrick James (11) have hit the nail on the head.

  22. Of course, you know all about fairness, don’t you Benjamin?

  23. Wim in Holland 18 Jun 2010, 10:03pm

    I am not very curious about her proza.
    I am curiously waiting for her deeds.
    By this letter she tells us she will be disappointing.

  24. If Teresa May announced the government was giving £1 million tax free to every LGBT citizen in Britain, Outer Mongolia and on Mars, the rabid red-eyed comentantors on this site would denounce it as a Mussolini-inspired plot. Sore losers, just accept a big majority of Britons, straight and gay voted Conservative and Lib Dem and this is the government we have – the Home Secretary’s comments are to be welcomed, so get over it and stop whinging – its sooo boring! Use your energy to be constructive and make this a better and fairer world instead of stirring acid in imaginary cauldrons.

  25. Sister Mary Clarance 19 Jun 2010, 2:39am

    “To get to the main point, I think you’ll find I welcomed what Theresa May said – and acknowledged that it is a sign of progress whether she had her arm twisted or not.”

    I probably didn’t mean you then Riondo. Apologies if I caused you any upset – could list the trolls I didn’t mean but it looks a little confrontational if I do.

  26. de Villiers 19 Jun 2010, 9:53am

    Really – this can be nothing other than good news. The Conservative Home Secretary says that newspapers should not be homophobic. No party is likely to propose laws to enforce taste and decency in the tabloids – not Labour, the Lib Dems or the Conservatives.

    Theresa May, however, has put herself out to criticise the behaviour of the newspapers thereby opening herself to attack from those tabloids that she has targeted.

    A Conservative Home Secretary who condemns the negative portrayal of homosexuality in the newspapers and who apologises for having voted in the past against gay rights measures can be only a good thing – regardless of which political persuasion one is.

  27. Pumpkin Pie 19 Jun 2010, 3:06pm

    Forget business and the bloody media, schools are BY FAR the most important aspect in creating equality. And that is entirely up to the government. Scrap the Waddington amendment (allows religious grounds for discrimination, defends conversion therapy) and lay down iron-clad rules on precisely how schools (ALL schools) are to treat LGBT children and LGBT issues.

    And how should they treat LGBT issues? End the social engineering! People always claim that teaching tolerance of LGBTs and other minorities to children is social engineering. I’ll tell you what real engineering is. Parading mixed-sex couples in front of us for our whole childhoods and only allowing us to know that same-sex couples exist when we “come of age”. Banning gay characters and issues from childrens’ media. Pretending transsexuality doesn’t even exist. We were forced to grow up in a system that taught us about LGBTs as if they were some sort of error that comes up every now and then, rather than as a natural, normal part of life.

    That is what I call social engineering, and it must be stopped immediately! How many straight people grew up thinking they were L/G/B? Virtually none. How many LGB people grew up thinking they were straight? Too many. So what the hell is the government afraid of? Straight kids are not going to grow up “confused” while they’re the majority, and even if they did, why is that so much more of an issue than LGB kids growing up confused? Will it make the poor dears “tainted”? Openness and good education will lead to less kids all around growing up confused, but we’re never going to get there with a government that wants straight people to retain their “privileged” status.

    Business and media may have their part to play, but it is infinitesimal compared to the role that the government should be playing. So, please stop trying to pass the buck and just make sure you do your own job properly! If you do that, then the business leaders and commentators of the next generation won’t even need to be told what to do, because they will have grown up with proper social awareness and a lack of manipulative conditioning.

  28. Sadly she ignores the religious loonies plusSMC is on the attack again, I dunno why she is ignoring the religious homophobes

  29. Jess Conrad 19 Jun 2010, 5:15pm

    Provider Ben Cohen gets attacked on here for not being all things to all Commenters and that is what’s unfair!

  30. come to warsaw europride. we need people from west europe to show that we exist. gay people in poland are afraid to go out and walk on streets. that’s why we need you. after parade you can go to national museum on homo ars erotica exhibition or have fun in one of many gay clubs. come to us! 15 july 2010

  31. silly billy 19 Jun 2010, 6:49pm

    What’s a Tory troll? A Trolley? Seems there’s a few of these being wheeled about on here.
    Glad to see Theresa May has changed her mind. How did this happen? Was it by listening to sportsmen and newspaper editors? No, obviously, because they are still peddling homophobia as Theresa has more or less pointed out; strangely, it was probably by becoming aware that if she didn’t she would lose her job. A word in the ear from the Boss, like. That’s probably more political than cultural, but there we go, what’s good for the old goose isn’t always good for the ganders.

  32. cant stand the woman for voting against our freedoms. but she’s right. and she’s right to seperate the T from LGB. they are seperate. they are different. being LG or B has nothing to do with being T.

  33. I think some of you create problems, see things from things that aren’t there just so you can whinge and play victims.

    We may not be totally equal but are far more than you give credit. And whilst not having isn’t ideal, it is workable. The level of which you choose to deal with it is up to you, workable moderniser or victim?

  34. poetic license 20 Jun 2010, 1:34pm

    If only the tories could gag those MP’s, MEP’s and Councillers who ridicule transsexuals then maybe the trans community may feel this nasty party truly has changed, until then we remain weary of them. Notice she never does a trans awareness article, only gay , even that has been forced on her by Mr Cameron, she voted against every trans rights legislation in her time in opposition.

  35. What about the pulpit pooves, and the other dirty hypocrites in the RC and COE. The should all be specially tagged and monitored by satellite to assess the number of times they to use a public conveniences, for example.

  36. silly billy 20 Jun 2010, 8:17pm

    Every letter is probably a stick in the craw of someone who must’ve thought, up until the recent new job, that B was a mark slightly short of A, that a Lesbian was someone to do with the theatre, and that a large G and T was the only way to relax after a hard day of voting against noisy homosexuals’ demands for equality.

  37. Comment 27 – Excellent! You’re absolutely right about the subtle messages we get growing up, and the huge damage that can do – not to mention the confusion and sometimes distress it can cause about one’s sexuality.

  38. Theresa May does not support equality.

    her voting record on LGBT issues means she is not fit for purpose as Equalities Minister.

    And surprise, surprise there’s no mention of the abolition of the apartheid regime surrounding marriage.

    I’m confused.

    Why did Pink News offer Theresa May a platform to spout her meaningless CRAP, without 1st grilling her on the specifics of her appallingly homophobic voting record, and asking her why she still supports Apartheid.

    Theresa May should resign her equalities post. Her support for Apartheid is proof of that.

  39. I agree wiht Theresa May. The more people that spread the message the better.

  40. But AmyS.

    It is hypocritical in the extreme for Theresa May to lecture ANTYONE about homophobic considering her own appalling homophobic voting record on LGBT issue, and her continuing support for apartheid when it comes to the UK’s marriage laws.

  41. Her whole message just rings of someone looking for new ways to sound like they are doing something to support equality when in actuality they are perpetuating separation and discrimination. If this is the best the coalition can came up with, it’s going to be very bad times ahead. Even if she does sincerely believe that she’s done us wrong in the past (which I doubt) she doesn’t understand that she’s just spewing a new version of being wrong.

  42. @ MartinM

    You starting to sound desperate, going on and on.

    May it actually be you fear the Tories actually doing good things for gay rights because then you’ll loose you hold over the negative comments you make about anyone even in the remotest difference to what you want?

    It’s almost as if you rather the Tories just destroy all things gay than do anything progressive just so you can say “I told you so”.

    This is 2010 mate, may I suggest you step forward from yesterday and join the rest of us.

  43. why don’t you stop whining and attacking others Squidgy? why do you and others always spout BS and whine about ‘victims’ and ignore homophobia?

  44. @ chester

    I’m sorry you’re clearly a ‘sensitive flower’ but remarking on how one comes across is hardly ‘attacking’. If that’s your abbrevation then life must be extremely difficult for you. For that I truly feel sorry for you.

  45. silly billy 22 Jun 2010, 12:01am

    “@ MartinM

    You starting to sound desperate, going on and on.

    May it actually be you fear the Tories actually doing good things for gay rights because then you’ll loose you hold over the negative comments you make about anyone even in the remotest difference to what you want?

    It’s almost as if you rather the Tories just destroy all things gay than do anything progressive just so you can say “I told you so”.

    This is 2010 mate, may I suggest you step forward from yesterday and join the rest of us. ”

    Guessing at what you mean as your use of language doesn’t make it clear – “It is 2010 mate. I am an ignorant twat without any real knowledge of discrimation by government, but nevertheless I think I have a right to spout my nonsense on every article because I am Squirty I am”

  46. Benjamin Cohen (proprietor) — June 18, 2010:
    | PinkNews covers more about Trans issues than any other LGBT
    | news publication in the UK.

    That’s a pretty poor field you are comparing yourselves with. But the issue isn’t quantity, its quality. The trouble is you nearly always get the coverage wrong, for example by failing to spot, or even exhibiting transphobia. It might help you if you tried to define just whose issues you are trying to cover when you say “trans issues”. You might then realise that that little term cover a really wide and very diverse range of disparate people, with some highly conflicting concerns. Your claim is a bit like trying to claim to cover “ethnic issues”.

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