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London Pride in Soho cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. Could they not have just moved it to another area for this year? They knew the whole health and safety thing was going to happen.

  2. Black Hawk Down 18 Jun 2010, 11:53am

    What would happen if everyone just Flash Mobbed up in Soho anyway and party on regardless?

  3. I’m sure most people who attend Pride will go into Soho at some point anyway! So its a fire safety issue if we are in Soho square, but its not if the same number of people are loitering in the street surrounding the square entertaining ourselves!

    Will Westminster council have guards on the square itself to make sure no more than 7000 of us enter the square? After all we might rub up against each other and catch fire!

  4. quite a pity. But surely safety is paramount. However, this paints the decision-makers as utterly inefficient. How can they make such a decision at this stage just 2 weeks to an event they have always know about for the most part of a year.

    The Fire Brigade itself suggesting people turning to flames at this point is idiotic. And how does the council/guards intend to count in 7k people at any given time? I suggest they issue number-cards as people enter and collect it to give back to the waiting crowd as one leaves… CRAP.

  5. #2 What are you, Black Hawk? five. Imagine the mess if something did happen after you’ve “flash mobbed”
    A fire or someone has a heart attack or some other such …. there would be no police, fire, or emergency services to pick up the pieces….think before you write such dangerous tripe …altho i dont think there are many out there stupid enough to heed you.

  6. dave wainwright 18 Jun 2010, 12:43pm

    Pride in London is far to big for Soho anyway , it should be staged in Hyde Park where it all began , it frankly upsets me every year to see it begin in Rotten Row a few yards from The Dell where the early Gay Pride Picnics began ( 120 of us sitting down for a gay picnic ) to be frog marched into the gaping jaws of commercial Soho , back to Hyde Park , back to our roots ,, where the Princes Trust manage to set up a stage every year for their concerts , surely it is possible to share the expense and facilities , the Royal Parks are extensive and can easily accommodate the numbers, being surrounded by many underground stations and other transport links .

  7. Black Hawk Down 18 Jun 2010, 12:55pm

    #5 Patrick, my point wasn’t intended as encouragement – I was asking what would happen?
    How would they control such a surge into Soho anyway even if it had nothing to do with Pride?

  8. As if it matters – fewer and fewer people who live in London are sticking around for London Pride when there’s a much bigger, better, sexier party going on in Madrid.

    Still, it is a great shame that the organisers of London Pride, which is a very important event, particularly for marginalised gay men, don’t seem to be taking a blind bit of notice of the external factors that are preventing the Pride event in one of the biggest gay capitals of the world from being the world class celebration that it should be.

    Get a clue London Pride. Don’t hold Pride on the first weekend in July anymore and make sure Westiminster council are on board to help make it the success it should be.

  9. Reality Check 18 Jun 2010, 4:22pm

    London Pride is always far too commercial anyway. I would support it moving to Hyde Park or somewhere like that so Soho (which consists of a LOT more than just Soho Square, by the way) can be left to people like me and my friends who support it 52 weeks of the year. It sight of the local businesses who go “gay for the day” when the rest of the year they barely tolerate us makes me sick every Pride anyway. All Pride does for locals is give us a parade to gawk at before we head to our regular watering holes. What it also does is flood the area with mostly unwanted tourists. Move it to Hyde Park where they’d be out of the way. The smaller Soho Pride is usually much more fun.

  10. Adrian Brailsford 18 Jun 2010, 4:33pm

    Telling Pride people not to party in Soho on Pride day is like telling the Notting Hill Carnival not to go to Notting Hill. Be realistic, it isn’t going to happen. If they choose not to close the streets to traffic in soho, they will actually just make it more dangerous and crowded, so hopefully they will at least have the sense to pedestrianise soho, even if other things are moved elsewhere.

  11. its clearly the sensible option. I’ve been doing Soho Pride for years but even I can accept that safety comes first!

  12. It’ll be interesting to watch this one. Even without and organised ‘event’, if the bars are open people will flood into the area – are they going to be made to close? It seems the organisers, as per, have been a bit slow ion the uptake if they hadn’t seen this coming with bells on.

    I remember one year when there was no event after the march/parade – 1998 I think – and the whole of Soho was full of Pride-goeers sharing their food and drink in the square and streets without any crass commerically sponsored tents or stands. Great atmosphere.

    How do the police intend ot restrict numbers? I can see their point – the narrow streets are further blocked by roadworks so any incident could turn into a serious mess if people can’t get away quickly. Let’s hope people aren’t stupid enough to ‘flashmob’ as they’ll be the ones crushed in the rush…especially if there are pissed up footy fans in the area.

  13. The bottom line is, all the gay bars are in Soho anyway, and they can’t block the entire area off. Frankly, who needs organised, funded sponsorship just to get pissed up?

    It will happen with or without everyone else trying to make a fast buck.

  14. @ Spanner

    If 7001 of us do it we will spontaneously combust and burn down London!

  15. Reality Check 19 Jun 2010, 8:45am

    Spanner: spot-on analysis. The commercial side of Pride has always been largely irrelevant as far as Soho is concerned anyway. We don’t need the permission of Crossrail, Westminster Council, Pride London or the ruddy Girl Guide Association to have a party. We don’t need tents or stages or self-important organisers. All we need is each other. That’s has always been by far the best part of Soho, and it’s going to happen again on Pride day irrespective of the obstacles that the clueless numpties try to put in our way.

  16. Pride London really need to get their act together. It’s easy to point the finger at Westminster and the GLA but without them running around after pride organizers that don’t reply to emails or answer calls there would be no pride at all. What’s going on Pride committee?

  17. come to warsaw europride. we need people from west europe to show that we exist. gay people in poland are afraid to go out and walk on streets. that’s why we need you. after parade you can go to national museum on homo ars erotica exhibition or have joy in one of many gay clubs. come to us! 15 july 2010

  18. “Mr Howard-Lloyd said that Pride London had received a number of legal threats for restriction of trade from bars and restaurants if the 7,000 limit goes ahead.”

    Arnt all gay events about money, they all see profit before anything, so they will be upset at restrictions.

    I am guessing that there will be people making sure that only so many people will be allowed in the area, and I guess that police will use their usual tactics to make sure that people do as they are told, just look at the protests in London.

    However given that ‘pride’ is an outdated institution, that is commercialy about making profit, 7,000 poofs is more then enough for London to cope with.

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