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Trans woman judge hopes to make US history

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Reader comments

  1. This would be a great thing and very much needed.

  2. J. Scott Coatsworth 17 Jun 2010, 4:07pm

    That’s fantastic – congratulations to you, Victoria, and good luck!

  3. Do it! You will be a *worldwide* example! Congrats.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 18 Jun 2010, 6:55am

    I’m waiting or the inevitable screams of rage from the battalions of Christers…

  5. You just know the hate groups/Christians will be rallying against her!

  6. I do hope that she gets in, things do seem to be going well for her, but like others on here, as soon as the word really get out, there are going to be a lot of Religious extremists going “you cant have sinners and perverts in a position of authority, god said.. bla bla bla rabble rabble”

  7. Benjamin Cohen (proprietor) — June 18, 2010:
    | PinkNews covers more about Trans issues than any other LGBT
    | news publication in the UK.

    And here we have an interesting case in point: this woman is in a Californian same-sex marriage that post-dates her transition by many years, so why isn’t PinkNews also hailing her as a judicial candidate who is a lesbian in a same-sex marriage? Could it be that, like the doctors who mistreat us because all they see is the transition, PinkNews only sees her as “trans”? Indeed, is PinkNews even remotely aware that it would be transphobic to not see her as a woman, and her marriage as lesbian?

  8. Clairese Lippincott 5 Jul 2010, 5:03pm

    It is neither good, nor bad that she might become the first transwoman judge.

    We need to stop this nonsensical thinking that we should have representatives from every conceivable group based on some gene pool of origin or some phenotype (visible characteristic).

    We need to DEMAND that society is based only on MERIT.

    If Mrs. Kolakowski is deemed qualified to serve as a judge, then she deserves to be elected.

    Nobody should be hired, elected or promoted, in order to satisfy some twisted idea that their gene pool or phenotype needs to be represented in a particular profession.

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