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Prop 8 supporters lobby judge to revoke 18,000 gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 17 Jun 2010, 2:36pm

    There really are nasty bigoted people in this world. This video always brings tears in my eye.

  2. Is there no end to the hateful, spiteful mean spiritness of these people?
    USA – Land of the free!

  3. To be perfectly honest when i was 18 my dad was asked to move to America for work and refused on the grounds that i wouldnt have the same rights over there as i do here. (good old dad) this may sound like a sweeping statement but its things like this that make me wonder why America is a war with the middle-east coz tbh they seem to agree on a vast majority of things. America is the middle east of the west.

  4. How disgusting is this! I have relations in California who have been appauled by this whole issue; its all the fault of the Mormons and the RC church who put thousands of dollars into this!

  5. Spiteful, vindictive pathetic people who take out their own issues by picking on others and pretending ‘god’ says they should do that.

  6. Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon 17 Jun 2010, 5:12pm

    Where did Freedom go?
    The worst enemy of all Freedom is Ignorance.

    Governments and Mainstream Religions cannot fool the people if they become well-informed chiefly with tangible and proven facts, cultured, educated about their birthrights, the true definition of all freedom which it is really made out of the Mutual Respect For All Differences.

    Political mandates hiding behind religious zeal and their well-paid spinners would not be in business…

    It is a golden era for raping the people out of their common rights to be free to choose under the excuse of religious zeal.

    There is no moral, nor ethics worth their meaning and definition if they are carefully changed to cater to the highly modified and dubious religious mythologies and the political mandates and causes thereof.
    Excuse me but if your big God said this or that in your chosen religious mythology, it may be the truth for you and that it is your choice.
    However nobody has the right to impose their religious beliefs on to others and to force these beliefs as the law of the and to all by politically making them and imposing them into the laws of the land.

    Read Prop 8 in the news, it is a ghastly joke, a re-run of the dark ages.
    I despise, bar and abhor Mainstream Religions for their game of hiding behind Love, God and Children in order to impose their obsolete, political, mysogynous, anti-GLBTIQ, anti-Cultural, immoral, unethical mandates so as to keep the people at odds with each other… For their permanent teaching and promotion of the Hatred For All Differences…
    These mainstream religions should be made to begin To Pay Taxes everywhere on earth where they wave their ugly heads and ignorant, biased and hypocrite (men-made) mythologies and beliefs!
    Just like we the people do, just like all other businesses do…
    Chiefly if They are going to be so intrusively political and
    ruthless business-like, in short no scruples at all!
    I’ve no sympathy for any mainstream Big Religions!

    How can any Religion and/or Government supposedly based upon Freedom, Love and Equality, simply knife the people behind their back with blatantly ignorant, hate-promoting and biased impositions that blatantly rob them from their right to choose!
    Where are all the powerful people with a light of their own?
    I mean the wealthy yet cultured and freedom-oriented people that may help us all against the onslaught against our freedom, our civil liberties, our birthright to be proud of being whom we are!
    Religion has no place in Government.
    Morals and ethics have no place in them for outdated fables and highly modified (men-written) imperfect mythologies which many people want us to believe to be the law and the basis for anything that it is socially acceptable.

    Morals and ethics must be fair, common-sensical and based on what it is real and not upon cock and bull stories like the these mainstream religions and their rubbish mythologies.
    There has been more people killed in the name of God, more wars in the name of God than any other cause worldwide…
    A minority elite who owns and controls everything, they could care less about God or Goddess or GLBT or whatever…
    They do a very good job in keeping the masses at odds with each other so that they do not ever unite close enough to overthrow the powers that oppress them!
    Thanks to Ignorance and the consequent Stupidity, many people still cater to these mickey mouse religions and their god of love who sees murder and hatred as negotiable when it comes to controlling the people and money and wealth.
    Big religions are but big businesses and

    “Any Freedom on Earth that it is dignified and for all is made out of the Mutual Respect For All Differences and for all people thereof”.

    I hope Prop 8 goes away from where it came from…

    Whether here in the US, in France, in Brazil and/or in the UK – Religious Zeal must be put back where it belongs and out of politics, out of Governmental beds which cater to them…

    Otherwise all of these big religion ought to begin to pay taxes just like we all do, even the Queen!

    Blessed be!

    Love and Light,

    Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon – Pagan Wiccan GLBT MTF Witch Shaman & Ocultist

  7. Its a GOOD thing they are doing this. Anything to bring media attention to this sort of stuff works in our favour in the long run.

    They have an up hill battle and will only cause outrage if they went ahead with the reversal, so meanwhile the whole world is reminded whats going on over there.

  8. The funding of this was one of the most unholy alliances of recent years! The RC church in bed with the Mormons? The Mormon so called “Religion” is less credible than the Lord of the Rings Mythology! They are in fact Heritical as far as the RC church goes and in the past would have been subject to the Inquisition. It proves how much the Arch Homophobe of Rome hates the LGBT community that he would stoop so low to join with people whom his predicessors would have had burnt at the stake for heresy!

  9. “its all the fault of the Mormons and the RC church who put thousands of dollars into this!”

    Not true.

    it’s the fault of the electorate, who chose to vote like bigotted a***holes.

    True the mormon and catholic cults behaved despicably but it was the fascist electorate that decided this vote.

  10. Amen, MartinM. The voters of California are responsible for this and no one else. People in CA and the US don’t want to admit that they are surrounded by bigots, but they are. It is really strange to have people arguing to nullify your marriage and knowing it could really happen. I remember sitting in a restaurant in Silicon Valley with my husband having Christmas dinner after the election. A teenage boy was very loudly talking with his parents about how “they” deserved to have “their” marriages nullified while all three of them glared at us nodding. Things aren’t perfect here, but I am so grateful to be here instead of there.

  11. The anti-gay Prop 8 supporters are not winning the argument in the Prop 8 trial and this is the important thing to remember, If you read the daily reporting from the courtroom you understand that the Prop 8’ers present no rational argument or genuine evidence to support the ban of gay marriage, their witnesses were each and every one of them a joke…so this is about sheer homophobic discrimination that has become obssessive and compulsive among religious extremists in US.

  12. Adele Winston 18 Jun 2010, 7:31pm

    It is one of the basic principles of the rule of law that legislation may NOT be retrospective. This move is consequently flagrantly ILLEGAL.

  13. Lets hope that this is a sucess, it should be done in the UK too.
    Labour have a lot to answer for.

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