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Listen to David Cameron’s speech on gay equality

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Reader comments

  1. Can’t find the audio.

  2. Patrick James 17 Jun 2010, 11:16am

    Don’t worry Ian. Simply think vacuous nice words with no content.

  3. To summarise his speech:

    “You are gay. You are therefore denied access to the legal contract of marriage, solely based on your sexuality. Apartheid rules!”

  4. @MartinM
    Or you are a happily married bi trans person who wants to stay with their married partner, but want to get their GRC so their can be recognised as their true gender; nah we don’t want people like me to be married, so lets just break up a perfectly good and happy marriage so we can add the breakups to our stats (yes, I made that last bit up; but I would not put it past them)!

  5. Or to put it another way:

    “You may have entered a legally binding marriage in a country more advanced than Britain – Canada or Portugal for example – but we will refuse to recognise your marriage. Your legal marriage will be downgraded to a CP in Britain. Apartheid is best for Britain.”

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