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Lesbian PC who committed suicide accused Met of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Very sad. I’m not surprised she didn’t make a complaint about her homophobic colleagues. She was only two months into the job between April and now, and let’s face it, when you’re the new kid in a workplace, most people don’t want to rock the boat and potentially mess up their professional opportunities down the line.

  2. devastating! obviously words kill.

  3. Sister Mary Clarance 17 Jun 2010, 5:25pm

    Of course her perceptions of her colleagues’ attitudes to her could have been considerably coloured by her mental state, so in the absence of any evidence it might be a bit previous to start assuming the worst of them

  4. This is the sort of stuff women are subjected to in the police force.

    “PC Barbara Lynford, 41, the only woman in an 18-strong team at Gatwick Airport, endured a year-long campaign of harassment by male colleagues.

    They made lewd comments about her breasts and humiliated her daily, calling her a ‘lipstick’ a ‘whoopsy’ and a ‘daisy’.

    An employment tribunal heard how the squad watched pornography on duty in an office littered with pictures of topless women and lads’ magazines.”

    Read more:

    I suspect Lara Goldie would of been subjected to some of this sort of treatment too.

    The police are institutionally: Homophobic, Biphobic, Transphobic, Racist and Sexist.

  5. Dont post Daily Mail links expecting truth because they talk utter rubbish reflected in the readers comments on such articles.

    There is even a facebook group which lists the Daily Mail’s causes of cancers!/group.php?gid=269512464297&ref=ts

  6. I guess the judge who tried the case was telling lies too!

    It is proven in a court of law that Gatwick tactical firearms unit is sexist. Its a good example of the 1970’s misogynistic attitudes that exist within our police forces.

  7. Its tragic that this lady has taen her life however read the article she left a FOUR PAGE letter talking about problems with family and splitting up from long term partner and a ONE PARAGRAPH almost in passing stating the police were prejudiced.

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