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Exclusive: Fire risk may mean no London Pride in Soho

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Reader comments

  1. Am I the only one who is starting to feel they are trying to cleans the LGBT out of Soho!

  2. Given broaded media coverage it does seem that way! Thou I note the mention of £20,500 so this does seem to be about MONEY!!!! oh the pink pound ….

  3. Soho will be as bland as Islington soon! once they have finished clearing out all of Soho’s colour.

  4. An interesting one this one – maybe Soho bars etc could set up temporary business in Leicester Square – I don’t think this is trying to force out the LGBT Community – it is more about logistics, safety and being practical than anything else.

  5. Yet more lefty stealth taxes. Use any excuse to squeeze the pips out of everyone, and justify it with the usual health and safety bollocks. I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned public indemnity insurance yet.

    Councils will try any scam they can to claw revenue, yet at the same time claim it is in the “public’s interest”. Which is why Westminster make more from parking fines than any other initiative.

  6. Westminster have been trying to get us out of Soho for years and this is just a continuation of that council policy its not about Soho pride its the wider issues about what Soho will be in the next 30 years. Who will want to go into Soho after they have sanitised it and its full Starbucks and other meaningless chain businesses.

  7. Spanner, 19:18: ‘Yet more lefty stealth taxes.’ Eh? Westminster Council is Tory, the government is Tory – and you’re still blaming the Left?

  8. Nigel Whitfield 17 Jun 2010, 8:37pm

    I’m really not clear about this business of the bars having to subsidise Pride for loss of sponsorship. What’s all that about? I can’t see any logical reason for that.

    And yep, calling this “lefty” is about as, well, left-field as you can get. Westminster’s one of the most notorious Conservative councils. 5p cemeteries, anyone?

  9. why is Notting Hill allowed to take place then?

  10. Gav: “why is Notting Hill allowed to take place then?”
    Thats’s easy. They are sponsored by Sheffield steel and the Swiss Army. ;)

  11. silly billy 17 Jun 2010, 11:34pm

    Westminster Council? Stealth? Wasn’t Gerry Mandering a Councillor there?

  12. “If Soho is not an official part of Pride, the festival will be obliged to heavily advertise the fact to discourage Pride’s 800,000 thousand revellers from being in the area.”

    800 million people are expected?! No wonder they need to close the area.

  13. Erm, crazy says what now?

  14. Nigel Whitfield 18 Jun 2010, 10:09am

    Why Notting Hill? Perhaps because most of it’s not in Westminster. And nor is a lot of it being dug up for Crossrail at the moment. A lot of the roads that lead from Soho up to Oxford Street are at least partially closed, several totally, with hoardings erected around various works.

    I can see how the Fire Brigade might consider that makes it harder to get their equipment in and out of the area, especially with so many people expected around there.

  15. It’s sad. I think restricted access to Soho or even changing to Leicester square will change the feel of Pride.

    As for Notting Hill, it’s well known that they (Government, councils & police) have been trying to move the carnival to Hyde Park for years citing reasons such as health & saftey and crime… more like enclosed it and charge an entrance fee.

  16. ChutneyBear 18 Jun 2010, 12:01pm

    Well I work in health and safety, why dont you look for a copy of a risk assessment from the council to verify their findings?

  17. Nigel Ingam 18 Jun 2010, 2:21pm

    So why not have it somewhere else nearby? Trafalgar Square?

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