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Eminem supports gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. moany arse, pussy, wigger, mummys boy

  2. Good on him, although this is clearly headline grabbing since he says one thing and does another

  3. Does anyone detect rebranding here?

  4. Patrick James 17 Jun 2010, 8:31pm

    When being homophobic was the way to be in the news Eminem was there.

    Now being positive about LGBT stuff is a way to be in the news and Eminem is there.

    Fortunately society seems to have progressed a long way over the past decade.

    But Eminem, in truth, stays the same.

  5. Duality much?

  6. Good for him! He’s made all his money through selling homophobic murder music, which sterotypes gay men, women and transpeople and advocates violence against them, now he’s “more tollerent”. It makes me feel deeply honoured and warm inside to be accepted by such a wise and gay-friendly rapper. I’ll sleep more soundly for it!

  7. Ironically he stole that “I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want” line from Dolly Parton.
    Whod’ve thought Eminem would be duetting with Elton, getting Bruno to sit on him at the MTV awards and now quoting gay icon Dolly Parton.
    Do I detect the tell-tale signs of a self-hating bisexual closet case?
    BTW a while back I saw a photo of him in a magazine mooning to camera and found myself quoting Eminem i.e. “…oops, there goes gravity!”

  8. Elton John probably won’t perform with him, now that Eminem loves the gays.

  9. Good to see that Eminem has some sense on this matter.

  10. Oh yeah, and when Nick Griffin says he’s not a racist, then that’s utterly convincing too. Come on. You don’t write lyrics like those quoted in the article and suddenly have the scales fall from your eyes and change your mind.

  11. Joan Rivers coined that line years ago!, Oh well fingers crossed you might sell a few more units of your latest forgettable offering.

  12. jamestoronto 19 Jun 2010, 7:05pm

    What a pile of I’ll do the censoring S**T. You don’t believe in anything except making money or self-promotion. If you believe in any of what you said you would donate all the millions you made off your homophobic lyrics back to the many who suffered because of them. Maybe the guys who just recently got beat up – or the families of the deceased – would appreciate a bit of financial help for medical costs or burial costs.

    You made just how much money out of telling the world it was okay to go out there and pound gay men to a pulp?? And now you want us to to believe this crap?

    Did you just go to another planet for the weekend and return with a whole new attitude – or visit your accountant?

    Give me and the rest of the gay world a break from this stupidity and DON’T support any gay causes until you can pony up. (if you don’t know what the expression means – ask your personal assistant to look it up).

    Your “music” is crap, your lifestyle is likewise and your sudden new awareness is the biggest pile of crap you have used to make money off.

    The wounded and dead love you

  13. The Menstruator 20 Jun 2010, 11:27am

    I doubt if Eminem is truly straight. Look at his blow job lips! And his twink-like ways. Most of us lesbians could kick his scrawny short ass in one slap. But I wouldn’t waste my female energy on this self hating homosexual. Alls I can do is just wish his daughter to be a big raging dyke!

  14. michael, liverpool 20 Jun 2010, 1:02pm

    flipping eck, what’s with all the hate?! Homophobes can and do change and we should applaud it when it happens, or they might just adopt the attitude “sod you, I’ll stick to being a homophobe then!” Not that I’m saying we should like Eminem’s behind, but give him a break!

  15. Jeeez, I’m a gay transman, and I’m feeling pretty homophobic after reading all these comments. If eminem was only out for money when he became “the new tolerant me!”, then don’t you think he was only out for money when he wrote all those lyrics? And it’s not like he only hated on the gay community – he’s like a less funny south park squashed into one person. The real problem is in the people that take his words seriously. Because come ON, the only people who would think eminem decides what’s right and wrong are the really flipping stupid ones. If he did, everyone would be dumping their mothers in rivers. Can you imagine the chaos??

  16. Hypocrisy is the compliment that vice pays to virtue. And, to quote another old saw, it’s sometimes the beginning of tolerance.

  17. David in Indy 27 Nov 2010, 6:52am

    Eminem hasn’t changed his attitude one bit. Don’t buy into it. He’s just found out he’s an epic fail and nobody is interested in him anymore.

    A bit like scrounging through the couch looking for loose change to pay your electric bill. Except in this case, we’re the loose change.

    Bottom line- he thinks he’s all that and he’s hoping we will buy into his “cute boy” act. And he isn’t fooling me.

  18. DO NOT BUY THIS MAN’S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

  19. thomas van der kampf 23 Dec 2010, 10:55am

    God, you gays make me sick with your self righteous posturing. Em is homophobic for sure and I’m not defending that. No one deserves to be discrimination in whatever form it manifests. Hence pointing out the exclusive and downright racist attitude white gay men have to people of color, especially “black” men.

    As a blond haired, blue eyed straight male that is constantly hit on at my gym by gay white men who do not temper their comments when alone with their “brothers” in the sauna and steam rooms, I truly know what I’m talking about. The lexicon and breadth of derogatory terms white gay men have for men of colour and the white men who date them is as alarming as it is sickening.

    My brother is homosexual, not gay, there IS a difference, has a partner whom is from the Caribbean. The discrimination and ugly comments they have to deal with from the “gay community” have to be witnessed to be believed.

    Despite being an Oxford educated, incredibly charming and intelligent fellow, his stories of rejection and downright hostility are alarming. Coupled with the not too many past the door, gay club policy, I baulk when I read the posts of the above.

    And fiy, Andy Q, to call someone a “wigger” is exactly the point I’m making. But doubtless the great majority will reply justifying their stance and not get the whole discrimination is discrimination point.

  20. “My brother is homosexual, not gay, there IS a difference,”

    Sounds like your brother has some issues to deal with, not a million miles away from your own issues around your self preening view of being a “blond haired, blue eyed straight male”. Get over yourself.

    1. I double this.

      I don’t really think anyone cares what colour your hair or eyes are, or if you get hit on. How’s this relevant to Eminem saying he supports gay marriage? Boring. No need for the irrelevant information either of your brother’s education and personality traits.

      What’s this difference anyway?

      And also, I don’t think the ‘black’ in ‘…especially “black” men’ needs quote marks. Nor does “gay community”. As if being black or having a gay community are debatable.

  21. Paddyswurds 1 Apr 2011, 6:49am

    Yeah right……. This homophobic, misogynist twerp with oedepis tendencies should be ignored like a bad smell. I can’t even think why Pink News thought this thug merited space on its pages….must have been a slow news day

  22. Regardless of his motives, his statement amounts to another waft in the winds of change.


    IMO we LGBT’ers can be our own most effective advocates by being on our best behaviour at all times, on-line and off.

    Based upon the reactions of neutral observers, those who rise to the bait have lost the debate.

  23. The Brutal Kremlin 6 Apr 2011, 10:53am

    Closet case junky cocksucker if there ever was one

  24. The menstruator 6 Apr 2011, 11:51am

    How could anyone have respect for such a tall talker that is in realy life such a completely pansy wanker? I mean, he looks like a twink primed with those BJ lips.
    If anyone knows about gay marriage it would be that homo Eminem.. He is the biggest queer ever.

    1. People have such respect for him because he is not a ‘pansy wanker’, if you heard any of his songs or seen his film 8 mile you would see how tough his life was as a little boy he had too be tough growing up with a bitch of a mother like that. He didn’t grow up with a silver spoon up his arse unlike most people!
      What makes you so sure he is a homosexual? His lips does not necessarily mean that he is gay, does it? IIt could be his genetic features if you ever took a second to think….
      I think it is very unfair and sad that you wish his daughter ‘to be a big raging dyke’. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!

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