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17 June 2010

  • 17th June 2010

    Eminem supports gay marriage 26

    Eminem supports gay marriage

    6:12 PM — Eminem has said he supports gay couples' right to marry. The rapper, who has been accused of writing homophobic songs, said he believed gay people should have a chance to be as "miserable" in wedlock as heterosexuals.

  • Exclusive: Fire risk may mean no London Pride in Soho 17

    Revellers may be discouraged from going to north Soho

    5:29 PM — Soho, the gay heart of London, may not be part of this year's London Pride celebrations because of fire safety concerns. The area, home to dozens of gay bars, cafes and shops, is currently surrounded by a number of roadworks and waterworks and the council may refuse to let normal celebrations go ahead on the advice of the fire brigade.

  • Irish artist paints Pope conducting a gay marriage 121

    'You May Now Kiss The Groom' by Kevin Sharkey

    4:43 PM — An Irish artist is expecting outrage after painting a picture of the Pope conducting a gay marriage. 'You May Now Kiss The Groom' by Kevin Sharkey is to go on display in Dublin at the end of this month.

  • Prop 8 supporters lobby judge to revoke 18,000 gay marriages 13

    Prop 8 supporters want gay marriages revoked (Photo: joeand)

    2:25 PM — Supporters of California's gay marriage ban are asking the judge in a federal trial on the issue to revoke same-sex marriages performed while the practice was legal. Eighteen thousand gay couples married in that time.

  • Trans woman judge hopes to make US history 8

    Victoria Kolakowski hopes to become a superior court judge

    1:48 PM — A trans woman hopes to make history by becoming the first trans person to be elected as a trial court judge in the United States. Victoria Kolakowski, 48, is the frontrunner candidate for superior court judge in Alameda County, California.

  • Lesbian PC who committed suicide accused Met of homophobia 7

    Lara Goldie's death is not being treated as suspicious, police said

    12:13 PM — A lesbian trainee police officer who killed herself accused the Met police of being homophobic in her suicide note. Lara Goldie, 28, was found hanged at her Hackney flat last Sunday morning by a neighbour.

  • Gay Tory blogger Iain Dale to quit ‘youth-obsessed’ politics 6

    Iain Dale said he was giving up attempts to become an MP

    11:34 AM — Iain Dale, the Conservative blogger, has said he will no longer attempt to become an MP. The 47-year-old, who will be 52 at the next election if parliament lasts five years, said older candidates are "very much the exception rather than the rule".

  • Listen to David Cameron’s speech on gay equality 5

    David Cameron said the summer was about Pride as well as football

    10:54 AM — Listen to David Cameron's speech to the LGBT Pride reception last night.

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