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US General who said gays caused massacre warns of ‘HIV risk’

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 16 Jun 2010, 4:37pm

    What makes him the expert in this matter? He sounds like a washed-up homophobe from where i’m sitting.

  2. “Devastating” only to the bigots who feel so affronted that anyone dare their prejudiced views. No-one else will care.

  3. You are far more likely to engage in high risk sexual behaviour if your in the closet and need to hide your sexual identity on military bases.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 16 Jun 2010, 4:54pm

    Here he goes again, peddling his lies and prejudice dressed-up as scientific ´facts´.

    This man already had to issue a (qualified) apology in the recent past for his lies. When will this bigot learn to shut his mouth? Or better still…Retire?

  5. Haha, and yet this still does not address lesbians in the force. Because, you know, they don’t exist or anything. That’s crazy talk.

  6. Good grief. what an idiot. does he not know his military history? it never did the Greeks any harm! I can’t believe they allow this bigoted moron to retain his job. Does he just believe everything the FRC cretins tell him?

  7. its true gay men are more likely to have HIV in the west, but only because the american government and pigs like this guy injected aids into the gay community in the 70’s in america.

  8. This man should be stripped of his rank and removed from the USA Army, Barrack Obama should do something with this loose cannon.

  9. This is not about bigotry, just promoting lies and distortions to rationalise discrimination – er, hold on….

  10. Is there any way of getting rid of this man or at the very least gagging him legally. I wish he would shut the fvck up – the man is not normal.
    Presdent Obama, please replace this general with someone normal and gay friendly.

  11. scary to think that this thick f wit carries a gun. What offends me most about people like this is the sheer stupidity of what comes out of their mouths. I bet when he visits the crapper he cant make up his mind which end to wipe!

  12. BobbetStillTheSame 17 Jun 2010, 4:44am

    What is this bigot doing in the armed forces? He should be dismissed. He is the problem.

  13. Definitely time for this person to retire. He’s already made an embarrassment of himself and and embarrassment to the US Armed Forces, so it is defintely time to put him out to pasture.

  14. I get the impression that this man thinks that you need to make rules in order to stop your average GI from being attrated to other GIs. Where did he get this idea?

    Methinks he doth protest too much……

  15. Well, my dears, the name ‘Sheehan’ says it all doesn’t it. ARRRR. SEEEE.

    That’s the way people used to react to Catholics when I was growing up in old Edinburgh.

  16. The only way gay people could be a huge morale blow is if your soldiers are a bunch of whiny little pussys, there I said it, they are so insecure in their own sexuality that they freak out and get all offended when someone gay is within 30ft of them. How about you work on making your soldiers into actual men instead of letting them parade around as little nancys who cant live with the thought of their being a gay guy around. maybe then you wont have these issues, If they are seriously gonna react this bad, how about training them to NOT be little homophobe babys.

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how someone so backward gets to the rank of General. No wonder the worlds in a mess what with them and that out-dated crap called religion.

  18. “Methinks he doth protest too much…… ”

    Me too, Philip. He obviously spends far more time thinking about gay men than any straight man I know…

  19. Oh come he’s a closeted gay.

  20. PumpkinPie 17 Jun 2010, 1:46pm

    The pair wrote that homosexuality has “profound behavioural implications” and “inevitable” sexual attraction among soldiers could “devastate morale, foster heightened interpersonal tension and lead to division”.

    “Homosexuality is not about civil rights but conduct detrimental to the discipline, trust and combat readiness of what has been — and still is — the world’s finest military.”

    I see… And, yet, he thinks there’s no problem with straight males and females serving alongside each other? Hmm…

    Haha, and yet this still does not address lesbians in the force. Because, you know, they don’t exist or anything. That’s crazy talk.

    True dat. According to his own criteria, lesbians should be even more eligible to serve than straight people!

  21. First, he needs to be severely reprimanded for insubordination. Officers have been forced to retire for less than this.
    Second, as the photo clearly shows at a glance, he’s Marine Corps, not Army. Sloppy research and editing there.

  22. In 2007 more than seven times as many African American men were affected by HIV than white men and nearly three times as many Hispanic/Latino men. Does the general propose banning men from these ethnic groups from serving? My guess is no because he knows he would have his nuts shot off in an instant if he suggested it.

  23. @PumpkinPie – didn’t you know that lesbians turn straight men on. – They love it – that is why it is ok to be lesbian (female) – but gay (men) not accepted. Maybe this general wants to be made redundant so that he can get a fat pay cheque and retire – if that is the level of intelligence of American’s
    senior army officials it is no wonder they never win any wars.

  24. What a complete tosser! CA man of very limited intelligence…lol

  25. Katie Murphy 18 Jun 2010, 4:53am

    note his name – thats almost certainly Catholic. He is swearing alegance not to the USA, but to the churchfuhrer Ratzi.

    He should be dismissed with loss of all pensions and benefits.

  26. I’d like to offer one correction to the story. General Sheehan is not a US Army general, rather he is a US Marine. Having served with all 4 branches of the US Armed Forces, I can tell you that Marines are notoriously homophobic due to their nature as killing machines. Every single Marine I’ve had misfortune of working with has been arrogant, self-centered, rude, and crude and openly homophobic. That said, I would proudly stand by each one on the battle field and fight with them in a time of battle. BUT on a lighter note, Marines have a tongue-in-cheek motto of “anything for a buddy” and I can testify that that’s true too. I’ve met and bedded more gay Marines that I can swing a purse at. It’s sad that they feel they have to bash their own kind to be accepted.

  27. “50 times more likely” is a LIE. I looked at the CDC info on men living with HIV today and even assuming those whose risk groups were listed as “male to male sexual contact and drug abuse” got infected from sex, the numbers come to:

    mtm sex: 218134
    other: 183179

    Check it yourself if you don’t believe me:

  28. I think he should be fired, we can’t wait until he retires, the whole world hears this ignoramous.

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