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Spanish clinic investigated for attempting to ‘cure’ gays

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Reader comments

  1. There’s a pill that can make me straight?
    I heard there’s a drink that can make straights gay… it’s called three pints of lager.
    But as with the pill, the effects are only temporary

  2. What is it with these people?
    This takes me back to the very bad old days of psychiatrists thinking they knew it all. Well, WE know better.

  3. Put the whole staff of that institute on trial for violation of human rights and contravention of EU laws.

  4. I’m old enough to remember when the former USSR used to give psychiatric “treatment” to help “cure” Christians of their religious “mental illness”. The international Christian community rightly condemned this as torture and psychiatric abuse. How ironic then that they are now proudly emulating the Communism they claimed to revile.

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 16 Jun 2010, 10:09pm

    Good for Spain though! It´s a shame the USA does not prosecute these whack-jobs who promise such ´cures´.

  6. Exactly what I thought, BrazilBoysBlog. At least the Spanish are doing something about it. Every day vulnerable GLBT people in the US (and elsewhere) are being abused by the “ex-gay” “ministries”.

  7. When is someone going to open a clinic to cure bigotry – or turn homophobes gay!

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