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McDonald’s chief says gay ad won’t air in the US

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t expect it to air in the UK either, we’re just as backward as the U.S. when it comes to that kind of thing. Childish and immature at best. Isn’t it amazing how some countries refuse to air such harmless things out of respect for not wanting to offend religious cultists?

  2. Bunch of pussies.

  3. America – Land of the Free….. What a frackin joke!!

  4. Isn’t it terribly opportunistic of MD to want to appear gay-friendly in a country they deem open-minded but not dare claim the same values in more conservative countries like the US.

    This really is a lesson in corporate “values”.

  5. Its a french ad for the french market. Of course its not going appear in America. McDonalds doesn’t play Japanese ads for their restaurants here either. And this is a controversy?

  6. I’d sooner have this ad set the cultural agenda than Bill “We’ll do it live” O’Reilly. Apparently we’re being lumped in with the terrorists now.
    They say we get the politicians we deserve… I live in hope the same can’t be said of the Americans and Faux News political pundits.

  7. Newspaniard 16 Jun 2010, 2:25pm

    It is McDonalds who now bow to the Desert Death Cult and now only sell “Haram” meat with al the cruelty that entails. I am surprised that the ad is shown in France as that country is in the forefront for European islamization.

  8. Commander Thor 16 Jun 2010, 2:26pm

    Interesting, that not only do they show a closeted gay having a hidden relationship as if it were inappropriate, but they also won’t show it everywhere because even a closeted gay is too outrageous in some “civilised” countries.

  9. In the interview Thompson appears to be branding the French advert a ‘mistake’ to appease US critics; the advert is dreadful anyway (gay boy leading a double life stays in closet – how is that progressive?). But more importantly, why do we care whether an unethical multinational corporation that makes millions by peddling unhealthy food acknowledges us in their propaganda anyway?

  10. I just love the excuse about “cultural norms”……. just how the hell did we achieve these culturaal norms if an awful lot of brave and admirable men and women hadn’t stuck their necks out and surprised the horses.
    Sorry chief – you’re a homophobic biggot and I for one am going to boycot McDonalds from now on.
    Anyone going to join me?

  11. It’s a damn shame that in 2010 it’s still controversial for gays to even be portrayed in an ad. Cause, you know, gay people don’t eat take out.

  12. “Cultural norms” my ass! Not much of a cover when its obvious they are scared to the anti-gay protesters marching on their doors. They’re a massive company, they could easily take the bold step of drawing the line in the sand and saying “we are going to air this advert, if you don’t like it then tough”. As always though its about maximising the profit margin with these companies.

  13. Barry: “I for one am going to boycot McDonalds from now on.
    Anyone going to join me?”

    I’ve boycotted McDonald’s for years now. Not because of any political reason though – It’s just their food is sh!t.

  14. “Don’t expect it to air in the UK either, we’re just as backward as the U.S. when it comes to that kind of thing.”

    Other than the deodorant ad which had a woman looking lustfully at some chap until he went over to his boyfriend? Other than the new Lloyds TSB ad? Other than the recent car ad with the transvestite father and his son asking for him to help them dodge the club queue?

  15. As Yoshi said, it was an advert made for the french market, what is the big deal about it not being shown in other countries? Do we expect to see french adverts on ITV every night here too?

  16. RevJDSpears 16 Jun 2010, 4:20pm

    This ad would only be offensive to people that read MORE into it than is there! But of course Bill “Perpetually Offended” O’Riely is THE spokesman for America!

    An ad similar to this would play well here. It is sad that McDonalds is too scared to try!

  17. BrazilBoysBlog 16 Jun 2010, 5:13pm

    I agree with RevJDSpears above, the message that ´everyone is welcome´ is a good one, and one that large companies should be promoting worldwide. The teen still being ´in the closet´ with his father is nothing unusual at the age of the character. I think the ad is very well-done, and it is just a shame that the message of ´acceptance´ that McDonalds is preaching in France, is not something they are prepared to stand by worldwide!

  18. If the extremely large company of McDonalds in the United States can’t stand behind Gay Americans in this small way, they don’t need my gay dollar.

  19. ‘Core values’ – you bet. Selling crap food served by people on crap wages at maximal profits anywhere they can while destroying forests in South America. Cynical calculations about how much more money they can screw out of bigoted people than out of the targets of their bigotry. Multinational capitalism. Lovely stuff.

  20. NO. 3 Squidgy, we’re not that much better than the U.S. We can’t even recognise a same-sex marriage as a marriage for British gay couples marrying overseas.

    No. 14, a deodorant ad using a woman looking lustfully at a man who walks over to his boyfriend can hardly be construed as a gay ad. If it were, there would be no need to use a woman to sell the product. It was a stupid ad anyway. Further, tranvestites are not all gay either, in fact many are straight, so you’re obviously implying that transvestite = gay. That ad to me is nothing more than veiled homophobia. I never saw the TSB ad so I can’t comment about that one.

  21. The ad may just only available in France, but Don Thompson is the president of the global McDonalds, ALL around the world, not just the US. That means when he says that the gay ad was a ‘mistake’, that means, for McDonalds being an LGBT friendly, is a mistake as well.

  22. A recent study published on this site a few days ago said 70% of Americans know somebody who is gay.

    That sounds to me that being gay is a cultural norm to Americans.

    Being the greedy industrialist who is homophobia apologist is not a cultural norm for any country.

    If I ate McDonald’s I would boycott them. However I find cardboard food repulsive so I stay away from the McRepulsive and McExploitation company.

  23. Uki, I agree, it is hard to boycott something you never eat. Actually I love their french fries, so I’ll boycott that.

  24. It’s amazing that there is a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in the form of an oil spill that is literally killing the planet and people are worried about a gay-friendly advert from McDonald’s. We in America need to really focus on our stupidity pandemic.

  25. I agree that the ad is not all that problematic. Lots of teens don’t want their parents to know everything and I am sure the young man in the commercial is no different. It’s still a cute commercial, especially as you see the young man smile as his dadtificates about having been “a ladies’ man”.

    It’s just disgusting how the Xtians are listened to, let alone obeyed.

  26. I watched that commercial on you tube, I thought it was kinda cute and funny in a way.. but alas america has a crucifix up its butt about anything that portrays “taboo” subjects in an average everyday normal light, because as we all know, Christians are the ONLY “normal” people in america, the loving bunch of gay beaters and hate mongers that they are!

    If this was shown in america you would have people trying to sue cause you “violated them” and their beliefs (im not joking it has been tried before), then you would have protesters saying your trying to make kids gay, trying to make people gay, saying McDonalds supports a sinful life choice, boycotting McDonalds because it does not not follow the true (christian brainwashed) American way…

  27. Andy Armitage 17 Jun 2010, 10:19am

    It’s a cute ad with a cute lad. I see Digital Journal has done a good piece on it, with, I’m glad to say, a link to the excellent Pink News.

  28. McDonalds is swill anyway. Just another reason to avoid their crap.

  29. David Myers 18 Jun 2010, 1:17am

    McDonalds are a bunch of chicken-s**ts, modifing their supposedly enlightened messages to cow-tow to the lowest common denominator level of bigotry in each respective country. I was prepared to think “good on you” to McDonald’s until their self-disclosure of their incredible hypocracy. I would hope that they are astute enough to realize that this commercial would be perfectly acceptable to the vast majority of Canadians. I shouldn’t hold my breath though.

  30. de Villiers 19 Jun 2010, 9:45am

    C’est la France! La pub est géniale. Trop cool.

  31. de Villiers 19 Jun 2010, 9:58am

    I should add – in English, that this is a really beautiful advertisement and it is so true! It really is beautiful.

    Despite the popular misconception, the French love America and also England. America represents things that are modern and young and dynamic. This is a really great advertisement and it gives the impression that being gay and relaxed is modern and forward looking – as McDonalds itself also has the image in France of being modern and young.

  32. mattgordonmd 23 Jun 2010, 7:36pm

    “Family values” is a cliche. Like most cliches, the ones that constantly fall back to it show they are out of touch and should retire so younger, more open-minded and sane management can take the helm.

  33. Am I the only one who cannot understand why that ad would be offensive, even to the most nutty of religious loonies? How is that ad in any way offensive?

  34. A giant corporation is not likely to employ any material that might risk its profits, dead simple. This executive’s waffling on about cultural values is just that – waffle, and cynical to boot.
    And no, I’m not an anticapitalist lefty – just someone who dislikes the global untrammelled kind of capitalism.

  35. Christopher 30 Apr 2012, 12:57pm

    His “personal beliefs” allowed him to peddle food laced with “pink slime”.

  36. “It was mocked by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who angered gay campaigners by asking whether McDonald’s would make a similar ads for terrorists.” Can someone explain to me what the correlation between being gay and being a terrorist is?

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