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Elton John played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding ‘to build bridges’

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah I am sure he can build a very nice bridge with that $1 M fee – give me a break! This is a guy who is on his 4th marriage yet has no problem denying the rest of us the possibility of just one. Does Elton really think Limbaugh will reciprocate by holding out a hand to reconcile his venom towards gays and lesbians or will Elton be too busy counting the cash to notice…

  2. Building bridges?

    So what gay charity is going to benefit from Elton’s $1,000,000 fee?

    What commitment has Rush Limbaugh made, never to engage in verbal gaybashing ever again?

    It’s quite clear that despite Elton being gay and Limbaugh being a bigot, that their middle age and extraordinary wealth is the reason they are close.

    Morals and ethics are secondary to cold, hard cash for Reg Dwight.

    Fair enough. But he cannot be taken seriously as an Aids activist or a gay spokesperson while he is earning money from the proceeds of homophobia.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jun 2010, 1:51pm

    “Furnish said the performance went well and the two couples could become friends.”

    Nah: Reg was the hired help.

    Any pleasantries were as meaningful as an xmas card from “those lovely people we met in Skegness in 1972”

  4. Agree with the above- it just sounds like so much spin and damage control to me.
    Neither man comes away smelling of roses. If Jan Moir had requested Elton to perform at a Daily Mail Christmas bash and the price was right would he be giving us the same bull about “building bridges”? How homophobic does the host have to be before Elton passes up the invite? Nick Griffin? Mugabe?
    I just hope he found enough time between songs in his set list to accomplish all this “bridge building” he was supposed to be doing, as from where I’m standing, we’re the ones being buried in concrete to make up the supports.

  5. You know on the one hand I’m all for building bridges. I do personally believe that even if someone treats you badly, its important to be “better than them” and hold true to treating others well. However, this shock-jock doesn’t seem particularly interested in meeting halfway over the bridge. I genuinly think that he is using Elton John’s charitable nature to further his own ego and publicity.

    In short, I feel sad for Elton because I think he’s being used by this guy but possibly doesn’t see it.

  6. Elton is not being USED by this guy.

    Rush Limbaugh is a shock jock. He makes millions of dollars by promoting hatred against gay people; racial minorities and women.

    He asked Elton JOhn to perform at his 4th wedding (Elton despite being married once before to Renate Blauel is not allowed to marry his civil partner David Furnish) for the sum of $1,000,000

    That is $1,000,000 that was inituially earned by being homophobic, racist and sexist.

    Elton John IS a whore for accepting it.

    And the only way he can redeem his repuatteion is by donating the money to charity.

    Which he hasn’t done.

    Which says all that needs to be said about Elton ‘Whore’ John.

    I don’t have any moral objection to prostitution by the way. But I don’t think a prostitute like Elton John is in any way suitable to lecture others on homophobia when he himself benefits financially from it.

  7. Ken Hutcherson, one of the most virulent and vocal homophobe preachers in the Unite States, officated at the Limbaugh ceremony.

  8. Building bridges to simply burn them down, that’s all I can see. If your being payed to do something that’s really not any sign of befriending and making amends.

  9. I read that a notoriously homophobic preacher officiated at Limbaugh’s wedding also.

    Elton John is an absolute disgrace.

    Do all his supposed standards and ethics go right out the window as soon as he sees money?

    He’s free to perform for who he likes of course. Prostition is a valid career choice for some people after all.

    But he should be roundly ignored as an Aids activist or an LGBT rights activist from now on.

    He cannot be taken seriously on either subject when he is so willing to earn cash from the proceeds of homophobia, misogyny and racism.

  10. I was similarly shocked when he went to perform in Singapore just after they refused to legalize homosexuality there, whilst legalizing anal sex for heterosexuals only. But I think he was and is genuinely trying to build bridges. He’s done a lot for gay people and people with HIV and deserves a lot of respect.

  11. “I think he was and is genuinely trying to build bridges. He’s done a lot for gay people and people with HIV and deserves a lot of respect.”

    he’s not building any bridges. The virulent homophobe who officiatd the wedding still preaches hatred against LGBT people.

    Rush Limbaugh still preaches hatred against LGBT people and women.

    Reg Dwight raises a lot of money for HIV charities for sure.

    But that money is being earned through the proceeds of homophobia and bigotry.

    Elton John is a ridiculous joke.

    If he wasn’t so profligate and wasteful (£300,000 per year on flowers for example) he would not need to earn money from the proceeds of hatemongering.

  12. The Menstruator 17 Jun 2010, 12:12pm

    What a disappointment! He is a sell out.
    Now what? Kd Lang will be in Jenna Bush’s wedding party? I hope Elton doesn’t break his own spine patting himself on the back. Yes we need you Elton, to build a bridge to RUSH? Of all people. I don’t need a bridge to someone that hates me so they can just push me off.
    Nothing shocks me anymore. I think Elton is going to be in eminem’s wedding too? Or maybe his next kid’s godfather?

  13. Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon 18 Jun 2010, 8:29pm

    Blimey! I love Elton John and his Art…
    However the “Building bridges bit” is rubbish!
    I do bar, abhor and despise the “public R Limbaugh” for his very public Anti-GLBT, Anti-Culture, Anti-Academia, Anti-Working-Class’s people’s best interests… For his equally public Obsolete, Mysogynous and quite Biased political Rubbish and finally for absolutely Anti-Women’s Rights spin…
    Elton John is a beautiful, grown-up Adult and seemingly intelligent… I do know about his difficult tastes and moods but he is an Artist!!!
    Elton, I love you but c’mon! This stuff you do sometimes… The dumb behaviour, the One million dollar wise concert – One billion dollar wise dumb decision !!! Not very bright, if you need a million that bad, say so and we will attend your shows and fill up your coffers but don’t prance about in such a dreadful manner catering to public “Enemies” of the GLBT family.
    I know Elton can do what he will…
    It is sort of sad because I had hoped Elton John to be Super Elton but reality it is that he is just another ruthless businessman!
    I am disappointed… I thought Elton John was bigger than that chiefly when it came to our dearest and much loved GLBT Family!!!

    Love and Light,

    Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon – Pagan Wiccan GLBT MTF Witch Shaman & Occultist

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