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US committee says gay blood ban will stay in place

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Reader comments

  1. Such blatant hatred of one group in society – Unlike some people HIV does not Discriminate! Why can’t these Blood campaigners open there ignorant minds – All this serves to do is re-inforce the discrimination Gay men and Bisexual men have to endure. What about Black Africans – or hetrosexual men of all races who have sex with other men but do not define themselves as ‘Gay’ – those men who are closeted about their sexual preference and take risks that an openly gay man would not – oh and all the religious men who fuck other men but oppose gay rights – what retarded world we live in! For Shame Humanity!!

  2. RevJDSpears 15 Jun 2010, 6:23pm

    It had been hoped that the committee would see reason, sadly that is not to be the case. No rational, nor reasonable, reason supports such a ban. Additionally it does not stop gays from donating. Although not polled, I suspect that there are many gays that lie about their sexual activity, as they would pass all other requirements.

    Is this dangerous? Perhaps, but probably no more than any of the other diseases that would defer you for donating. Such gays are caught in a Catch 22, the spiritual need to help their fellow man, by donating, or maintaining purity of the absolute truth. A very difficult decision but one that many gays have taken!

  3. JohnD: “Such blatant hatred of one group in society.”
    Hatred!!? You really are a fcukwit.
    It’s called “hedging your bets”. Gay men are promiscuous, highly prone to catching HIV due to not only unprotected anal sex, but the fact that partners can switch sides. Gay men are proportionally the single highest group of any country in the first world. Would you have unprotected sex with someone just because they said they were HIV-? No.

    So why expect other people to accept potentially unsafe blood?
    Get off your high horse about persecution and take a look at the big picture for once, you whinging queen.

  4. I guess according to these smart people if your gay HIV will stick with you for ever, but if your straight it just sorta gets better? Seriously? if two clean guys have sex then “omg its a AIDS pool” but if a straight couple as a general are “at risk” then after 12 months I guess the HIV gets bored and goes away? That pretty much sounds like their logic.

    Not that I care about donating blood, these organizations are only hurting their own cause. I thought HIV screening was far more advanced in this day and age.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me just how singularly uninformed the rants about restrictions on blood donations can be. It really would behove people to get informed before making the sorts of ridiculous statements that are being made here.

    With the notable exception of Spanner, the comments posted here are laced with far more ignorance than could ever be found in the justifications for maintaining the ban on donations from MSMs.

    Can people really not comprehend that science just isn’t as advanced as they would like to believe, and that trying to protect the blood supply is nothing more than a crude numbers game, rather than a game of scientific certainty?

    That isn’t to say that I don’t think that there is scope to adjust the rules; but if anyone seriously think that such changes will result in huge numbers of gay men suddenly becoming eligible to donate blood, then they are seriously deluded.

    It will be a long time before gay men being able to donate blood will be a norm … and state of affairs is entirely justifiable without the slightest possible hint of any prejudice. Gay men really should wake up to that fact.

  6. Adster: Thanks for the support. As Dan said “I thought HIV screening was far more advanced in this day and age.” – It is, and filtering out high-risk groups is PART of that very screening process. It is better to take broad swipes at eliminating obvious areas than it is to pick through individual little specks later.

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