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Man accused of threatening Elton John has case dismissed

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Reader comments

  1. Quote: ‘Mr Horsley apparently became enraged when the singer said in an interview that Jesus was a “super intelligent gay man”.
    Why should anyone, except a homophobe have a problem with that?
    People always assume Christ was heterosexual.
    Is there any evidence that he was either homo or hetero?
    Anyway, Elton John has slipped right down the ladder of gay people to respect after his recent ‘cash for integrity’ nonsense.

  2. Why on earth does Elton John want to spend any time in a town like that, where judges think someone making public death threats ‘doesn’t warrant criminal charges’?

  3. Psychos: Shooting themselves in the foot with every argument.

    Seriously, even if this man didn’t get a court case over death threats, why wasn’t he taken to court over oh.. just a little incy wincy thing here… endangering the lives of how many abortion doctors?! Why is that not a crime? If you ask me, we are letting psychos like this guy off too easy all cause they fly under the false flag of “religious freedom” which more and more is becoming better known as “freedom from common sense and logic”

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