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Freddie Ljungberg ‘proud’ of gay gossip

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Reader comments

  1. ChutneyBear 15 Jun 2010, 2:35pm

    Fair dues to him nice to see him comfortable with himself. If he wants to keep it private fair dues to him not everyone wants to come out these days :O)

  2. Droooool! Hope it’s true.
    Though of course the cited reasons for thinking he’s gay are bone-headed homophobic stereotyping.

  3. ChutneyBear 15 Jun 2010, 3:17pm

    And I wonder who reinforces these stereotypes….

  4. So refreshing to see a football player who is relaxed about the ‘gay’ tag. This is a game which is riddled with homophobia and the view of Freddie Ljungberg is not a world away from the recent Stonewall campaign ‘Some People Are Gay Get Over It’.

  5. ChutneyBear 15 Jun 2010, 3:41pm

    I agree with you Paul, its refreshing Im hoping his attitude can rub off on more footballers. He seems so at ease with himself :o)

  6. Another player who used to play for Spurs, Arsenal, Portsmouth and Notts County(for about two weeks) should follow Freddie Ljungberg’s example.

    You don’t have to reveal your sexuality, but you should face down the bigots and say so what!

  7. lundberg comes from a more mature society he knows he can go ba k to and live in peace. if a British footballer came out he’d have to immigrate or commit suicide

    1. I think that’s a gross distortion of the reality. I’m not saying it’d be easy but he’d also get huge support. Britain, as a society, has come a long way since Justin Fashanu’s time. Don’t be so pessimistic.

  8. Now here is a man secure in knowing who he is and not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. Bravo, Freddie!

  9. Dean (#7), while you’re right that he comes from a more mature society, I think the point is that Ljungberg [probably] isn’t gay but is well-balanced enough for it not to matter to him what others think – a refreshingly grown-up attitude, specially for someone involved in an environment where a while ago just reading broadsheets and buying art (Graeme Le Saux) was seen as ‘gay’.

  10. Gay or straight, he’s gorgeous and seems to have a gorgeous attitude as well, which only makes him more yummy in my book.

    Did I mention that he’s gorgeous?

  11. An Cat Dubh 16 Jun 2010, 5:48pm

    Well then! All I have to say is…
    *if I were

  12. Miguel Peres 31 Dec 2010, 11:29am

    This years ILGA Portugal award was given to Cristiano Ronaldo, for his support on gay marriage law in Portugal

  13. Bom dia Miguel! Football remains a highly homophobic sport so comments from the like of CR and Ljungberg are very positive indeed.

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