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Kelly and Sharon Osbourne shout down anti-gay protesters

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Reader comments

  1. silly billy 14 Jun 2010, 7:51pm

    Bless ’em. Nice to know there are people in this world who are prepared to defend their beliefs and their fellow citizens.

  2. I wish my parents were as gay-friendly as Sharon, would have been so nice.

  3. Very cool of them, bless. But it would be even better if Ozzie was very vocal about supporting gay rights. His audience needs schooling more than his wife and daughter’s.

  4. Shania Smyth 15 Jun 2010, 4:39am

    Way to go Sharron and Kelly! Keep up the good fight~ Cheers from Canada!

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 15 Jun 2010, 6:55am

    Well done Sharon and Kelly! Tell those bigots! XXX

  6. Aw, I love Sharon and Kelly- this article only reminds me one of the many reasons why. :D

  7. While this is indeed very cool we need to have straight guys speaking out. They don’t. Maybe it’s because deep down they don’t agree with their female counterparts.

  8. @ Cary: I think you’ll find Ozzy’s core audience – rockers – are actually very gay-friendly and open-minded. I’m a heavy rock/heavy metal fan myself, always have been, and I can honestly say that the vast majority of fellow rockers/metal heads are the nicest friendliest and gentlest people you could ever hope to meet. The perception that some have of them as being bigots is entirely unfounded and, in my experience, untrue.

  9. Good for you Mrs O & Ms O!!!! don’t be a stranger to Brum! :-)

  10. susan malone 15 Jun 2010, 3:23pm

    I knew there was a reason I liked these two women. Bless them for caring enough about me to shout the support to the rooftops.

  11. SteveMD2 in USA/HSA 15 Jun 2010, 4:14pm

    Thats great. And lets remember that the protesters are the people who turn Gods love of all his creation. Those people are the very devil himself, and make christianity into the curse of western civiization.

  12. Sharon and Kelly, how about fighting for full marriage equality in our own country?

  13. Phoenix0879 16 Jun 2010, 3:55pm

    I agree with George – I’m a rocker/metaler myself and in my town we have no gay bar. The ONLY bar where LGBT people are accepted without teasing or catcalls is the rock bar. Rockers/Metalers don’t care about things such as sexuality, the music is the community there – if you embrace the music, they embrace you. In fact, our rock bar is frequented by no less than a half dozen lesbians, a dozen bisexuals and 2 or 3 gay men, all of whom are rockers/metalers first.

    Just last week I was making out with a guy and no one said a word. A couple of raised eyebrows, but that’s more because I don’t usually partake in PDA’s. Then they just carried on as normal.

    The stars who really need to address their audience are people like Eminem.

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