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Radio 2 has ‘too many camp comedians’, radio chief says

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Reader comments

  1. He’s right. Nothing wrong with a bit of camp, but facts are the majority of visible gay presenters at the B.B.C are cut from the same flamer cloth… It’s 2010, how about someone without jazz hands and sequins please?

  2. Ditto; camp is fun but Alan Carr gets on my nerves!!!!!

  3. Why am I not surprised it was the Daily Mail that ran this story. They are very well known to insinuate homophobia and have done so yet again by running this story with this spin.

    The BBC have said the comments were taken out of context. I wouldn’t trust a story from the Daily Mail any more than the promises of a snake oil travelling salesman.

  4. pete the meat 11 Jun 2010, 4:38pm

    Stewart the “jazz hands, sequins” comment is ace! A discussion we keep going back to is that camp, flaming queens are the only form of acceptable gay in the public eye. Norton, Carr and their ilk will always be put forth as representative of homosexuality rather than a regular bloke who just happens to be gay.

  5. At the bottom of the article, the quote from Peter T:
    “Last year, gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell called the pair ‘camp, cliched’ stereotypes and urged television executives to chose a wider range of gay presenters.”

    – It’s wrong to “choose” gay presenters. Presenters shouldn’t be chosen *because* they’re gay or *because* they’re heterosexual. Their sexuality is nothing to do with it, and I’m sure Peter knows that.

    – So it’s all about style-in-vogue. I don’t ever remember the BBC balancing anything. It either floods the airwaves with gardening programmes, DIY programmes, food programmes, auction programmes, reality programmes, going back further it was detective dramas… who can be surprised that it had a fad on camp presenters?

    As for me, I always found camp a really attractive quality in a guy, until this article got me thinking about real celebrity examples. Now I’ve suddenly realised that camp + celebrity usually mix something like milk and vinegar. :-S

  6. “Public value”? And of course don’t forget to add that no offence was meant in the same breath.

    I can’t possibly take these views seriously, sorry.

    Also, I prefer Carr as a radio and TV presenter, whilst I like Norton as a commentator (Eurosong). Still can’t get out of my head how he bombed at the telly baftas the other day…

  7. The campest show on radio two is the wonderful Elaine Paige’s Musicals Show on while cooking Sunday Lunch it is perfect.

  8. Father Tafferty O'Cavity 11 Jun 2010, 6:23pm

    I hate to agree with anything in the Daily Mail and I wonder about their “agenda” in this story, which is probably to do with wanting to get rid of gay presenters.

    Instead, it would be nice for Radio 2 to have some gay presenters who are not outrageously camp – just for a change.

  9. Clive Almond 11 Jun 2010, 11:58pm

    Why listen to radio 2 anyway?

  10. To be fair Norton has cut down on the camp crap on his latest chat show series. He’s not mocking gay people so much now. That b*stard Jonathon Ross still has his Piano Poofs which is an eternal shame on the BBC but he’ll be gone soon.

  11. #10 yea but they won’t be gone. Four Poofs and a Piano are nothing to do with the BBC …they go around on tour with this crap.They have even been here to Ireland with it and been on Irish TV.

  12. Alan Carr manages to be wincingly camp without being funny or engaging unlike the brilliant & wonderfully sharp Paul O’Grady. Graham Norton is great (in small doses)and Dale Winton is so inoffensive it makes me think it’s true that some gay men are forever trying to be the best little boy in the world.

    Anyway I wouldn’t miss Alan Carr so I say why not let the dull (wannabe Paxman) Jeremy Vine fill his slot, He’ll never replace Paxman but just maybe he could be the new Alan Carr.

  13. 21stCenturySpirituality 13 Jun 2010, 5:22am

    “…Mr Harrison told The Daily Mail…” I dont think I need read any further.

  14. BrazilBoysBlog 13 Jun 2010, 5:47pm

    Yes, I think this smacks of a Daily Mail campaign to get rid of gay presenters.

    Being here in Brazil, I have never heard this ´Alan Carr´, but I love Paul O´Grady, Graham Norton and Dale Winton. Again, there is room for ALL sections of our community to be refected in broadcasting.. Something that clearly the Daily Mail does NOT want to see!

  15. The best presenter gets the job, gay or not.

    As for commercial radio, well that’s not true at all, LBC wouldn’t be anywhere near as cool without its late night gay hosts.

  16. I think the over-represention of camp guys on TV may give the wrong impression about gay people in generaly to heterosexuals who do not know many gay people themselves.

    Having said that, however, I’m a big fan of Alan Carr. I think that he is quite funny.

  17. The Daily Heil ran this story?

    No further comment required.

  18. Newspaniard 14 Jun 2010, 3:22pm

    Hmmmm. Let’s see. A female, representing commercial broadcasters in the (homophobic) Daily Mail is criticizing the BBC for employing gay men on (very popular) radio shows… No, definitely nothing wrong there. BBC, stand up and take note (for about half a second), smile and walk away.

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