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Iceland’s parliament unanimously approves gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Alessandro Valera 11 Jun 2010, 4:52pm

    it’s not the 6th country in Europe as you say, but the 7th

    Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and now Iceland

  2. Stuart Neyton 11 Jun 2010, 4:55pm

    Well done Iceland!!

  3. Oh Iceland. You’re amazing sometimes.
    We’re being put to shame by an isolated country of only 300,000ish people whose economy is based largely around fishing. Congrats to the Icelandic people for having your heads screwed on much better than this country seems to be able to manage.

  4. Excellent stuff. Luxembourg, Slovenia and Argentina all have same sex marriage legislation in its final stages, so 3 more countries soon to join.

  5. Mihai Bucur 11 Jun 2010, 5:28pm

    Hopefully we will reach 12 countries by the end of the year! Finland will follow in 2011.

  6. I think that picture of hers just might have been taken twenty or so years ago. Again with the outdated picture archive…

    But well done Iceland!

  7. vulpus_rex 11 Jun 2010, 5:38pm

    Good news for Iceland, however, I can get over the contribution their banks made to the economic crisis, I can even forgive them for the disruption caused by the volcano, but I won’t ever forgive them for inflicting Bjork on us.

  8. After Portugal these are good news for Iceland, Europe and the World. Would like to see larger European countries such as France and Germany follow suit…

  9. is Ireland going for marriage or civil partnerships?

    by the way. i like Bjork!

  10. Well done, Iceland! (and leave Bjork alone vulpus_rex! :p )

  11. Well done, Iceland!

    Daniel, No. 8…..France and Germany will get there long before the UK. I predict if half or more of the EU member states support it, the EU is going to find it increasingly difficult not to reverse its policy of non-interference in marriage laws of other member states. The UK of course will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century just as it was on allowing gay men and women to serve openly in our military. We NEVER do anything major on a voluntary basis unlike nine other countries have including Iceland.

    Dave, No. 9. No, Ireland unfortunately is opting for the less equal civil partnerships but take comfort that these will NEVER be the norm across Europe and elsewhere. If they are so equal, we wouldn’t now have nine countries legalising same-sex marriage.

  12. For Slovenia, I am not that sure… The parlament has already voted in the first lecture for the law, but there could be a referendum… For Luxembourg, it’s almost certain gay marriage will be accepted.

    In the EU, at the end of the year, there sould be at least 6 countries that have legalized gay marriage (Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Sweden – Iceland and Norway are not in the EU), if you don’t count Slovenia (which could be the 7th EU and 9th European state)… that’s very good !
    France and Germany could legalize it, but they have right-wing governments who refuse to do it, despite growing support in the population.
    Denmark has the same problem, but there could be a majority in the parliament who could legalize gay marriage (one party of the government and the left-wing parties)….
    Go Europe !!! :-)

  13. Slovenia will not approve the bill this year. They have to vote thrice in parliament. There are still 2 more votings to go. And the bill, if voted in favor 2 more times, will only come to effect next year, as in Slovenia laws like this take many months to come in effect.
    Argentina may be the next 2 countries. But it is possible that it gets a little delayed, as subject on this discussion in these countries is a little stagnated for now.


  14. *I meant Argentina and Luxembourg in comment 13 ;)

  15. The Cole: the government in Denmark is not opposed to the same-sex marriage bill currently being discussed. All the major parties are in favour of it, and it is therefore likely to go through.

  16. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 12 Jun 2010, 5:45am

    Congratulations Iceland on joining Canada, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, South Africa, the Netherlands, Belgium and Nepal!!!

    THAT’S 10 NATIONS IN 2010!!!!

    Same sex marriage or “marriage equality” in Luxembourg will be next in July, Argentina in August (must be approved by the Senate yet, president said she WILL sign it), Finland and Denmark next year in 2011. Germany and France in 2012 (if left-wing parties win Government).

    Slovenia is for some strange reason still stuffing around on the SSM issue – because they have just recently “withdrawn” the same sex marriage equality bill in their lower house!!!!!

    Italy, Liechtenstein (the tiny principality) and Ireland still stuffing around on the civil partnership or “second class” marriage laws – because they are all Catholic countries of course no surprises there!!!!!

    Denmark has just recently allowed adoption for gay couples, gay marriage will come soon hopefully in 2011 (Danish people hate being behind their Sweden and Norway cousins) – while Portugal has no gay adoption (just like Belgium did when they allowed SSM in 2003, then in 2005 then they finally allowed gay adoption). Portugal will have gay adoption in 2011 or 2012 hopefully I am sure of it!!!!

  17. Well done and congratulations Iceland – a progressive and forward thinking country – now you will see real growth of your economy.

  18. @PinkNews: She has been PM since February 2009 in a minority coalition cabinet after the “cutlery (it was pots and pans…) revolution”, and elected in April 2009.

    But… Who cares? We got equality today, in a small corner of the world.

  19. @PinkNews: She has been PM since February 2009 in a minority coalition cabinet after the “cutlery (it was pots and pans…) revolution”, and elected in April 2009.

    But… Who cares? We got equality today, in a small corner of the world. There are around 36 years since our first gay activist came out in a magazine article, was beaten up so often, that he had to move to Denmark, as many of our gays did in those years; 32 years since Icelandic GLBT organisation was formed; 14 years since we got our Civil Union Partnership – and 8 years (I might be wrong on this, and if so, I apologize) since gay individuals and couples could adopt, or have artificial insemination. That took just 1/3 of a century! :D Let’s hope others won’t be as slow to learn as we in Iceland…

  20. Im always amazed by these stories because it almost seem to good and too straight forward to be true. Maybe I have just seen American news too much (which is ironic cause im in Canada) where is the “but god/ Jesus said no gay stuff!” or “its my religion to encourage gay bashing!” or the classic “gay relations are unnatural and don’t produce children, so who cares about letting them marry?”

    Iceland was just like BAM there gay marriage! Guess that’s a sign of one hell of an efficient government that doesn’t beat around the bush or red-tape everything to death. Now if only other “civilized” country’s (nudge nudge Obama) could follow suit into this glorious age of motorized vehicles, rights for all, and the internet!

  21. @ Lucius, message 6:
    That’s not an ancient picture from the archives, Johanna Sigurdardottir does look REALLY good! :-)

  22. God Bless Iceland!

  23. @ Paul Mitchell:

    We haven’t withdrawn anything in the lower house. The proceedings have just been delayed due to other crises that tend to crop up every day. They’ll resume it at the end of this month.

    @ anders199:

    The woman is 68 years old. She looks rough with a capital R! I just find this dated picture of hers ageist. Why not celebrate her real age? You don’t see pics of Obama wearing nappies, do you?

  24. Sister Mary Clarance 12 Jun 2010, 11:29am

    Yep fantastic I’m sure, but I’d rather an international arrest warrant was issued for ever member of the Icelandic government and they were hauled over here and done for the theft of the millions they have stolen from this country.

    People seem to be hailing them as upstanding members of the world community, in days gone by they’d be running round with both hands cut off and every boating in their cr@ppy little fishing fleet sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

    They seem to have got off scot free for blatant theivery

  25. well done Iceland! :)

    Johanna Sigurdardottir rocks!

    @Gay activist Paul Mitchell. I’m afraid Italy is not ‘stuffing around on the civil partnership or “second class” marriage laws’ at all.
    There are no plans to introduce ‘Civil Unions’ in Italy.
    The Italian parliament recently voted down even a bid to impose penalties for crimes motivated by homophobia (!)

    Moreover, the Italian gay movement is in complete disarray; there has been a sharp raise in homophobic attacks and the catholic church and most of the nation’s media are campaigning 24/7 against gay rights.

  26. Har Davids 13 Jun 2010, 8:43am

    Come on, Sister Mary, many Western governments and banksters were involved, so don’t blame Iceland as a whole. As long we continue spending money we don’t have on stuff we don’t really need, bust will follow boom.

    Iceland is relatively small country, but is just set an example, joining some other countries on the road to real civilisation.

  27. congrats iceland, uk… this is getting embaressing….

  28. Sister Mary Clarance 13 Jun 2010, 6:52pm

    Har Davids – they are international thieves and are troubles will be deeper as a result of their theivery

  29. Well done to Iceland.

    Now that Iceland, Sweden and Norway have have amended their laws in favour of marriage equality, it would be nice to see Denmark also legalise gay-marriage so that all of Scandinavia is discrimination-free in this regard.

  30. Tim Hopkins 14 Jun 2010, 9:08am

    Robert for clarity, the EU has no competence to rule on individual states’ marriage laws. However the European Court of Human Rights does – that’s the court of the Council of Europe, which has 47 member states (compared to the EU’s 27). So we will probably need to see at least half of those, ie 24 or more (perhaps significantly more) European countries adopting same-sex marriage, before the court is prepared to make it compulsory.

  31. The stunning thing about this news from Iceland is that in Parlianent NOT A SINGLE POLITICIAN voted against equality.

    Here in the UK the Tories and Labour are all opposed to equality.

    Even the wretchedly pathetic Stonewall Group (that group revolting Gay Uncle Toms) is opposed to equality.

    It’s good to see that other countries are legislatin for equality.

    Eventually Britain will be forced to introduce equal rights (and we should all be campaigning for the abolishment of the undemocratic House of Lords to assist with this)

  32. MartinM No. 31….Cameron said he’d “consider” full marriage equality before the election, a blatant lie to curry favour with undecided gay voters. “Consider” in tory-speke means NO, ditto his predecessors Blair and Brown and Clegg doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Cameron, the only British politician who supports civil marriage equality or does he really? Maybe that too was just another lie to garner votes. We will be the last to reach full equality.

  33. If catholic Spain, Belgium, and Portugal (as well as Mexico City) can legislate for marriage equality then it is even more shameful and embarrassing that the UK cannot.

    Then again those places are also more democratic than the UK in that they do not have an unelected Upper House which despite the fact that they have no mandate from the electorate, are still able to kill legislation.

    It also doesn’t help Britain’s case for equality that the self-styled leading LGB charity – Stonewall – is so addicted to its access to those in power, that they actually oppose LGBT equality, for fear of alienating their masters in parliament.

    Equality will eventually come. Probably through the EU.

  34. Hello from Germany;) I just want to tell you that Germany will not legalize same-sex marriage in the next years due to our conservative government. I also want to add that we have registred partnerships that grant some but not all of the rights marriage provides and of course we are not allowed to adopt children. The highest german court ruled that registred partners deserve the same rights as spouses in July 2009, but the government still ignores it.
    As you can see… your country is not as bas as you think it is.

  35. elena gordon 14 Jun 2010, 5:26pm

    I’ve never understood why we wanted this loathsome church inspired institution which was the legal mechanism for handing women over as property from one man to another. Oh history you cry…it was only 15 years ago when it was not legally possible for a man to rape his wife. “Marriage” is has been a licence to rape and subjugate women and I cant imagine why anyone would want it. Equality is the point not words with the darkest and most sinister of connotations and suffering. The name “civil partnership” is wrong but we should keep Church and State very clearly separate and then they can rot with their own misogynist & homophobic bile.

    Joanna is FAB and well done Iceland for EQUALITY but who needs marriage?

  36. silly billy 14 Jun 2010, 7:54pm

    @25 couldn’t agree more. Well said.

  37. Shania Smyth 15 Jun 2010, 4:08am

    Hi all,
    I’m from Canada! We believe in human right and equality for all. I’m suprised to read about the U.K. being backward in this fight. When will people realise that “Gays are born Gay.” This not a choice! Who would “chose” to live this life? It’s a small step forward for Iceland and I really hope the other countries will see the light! Congratulations Iceland! London Olympics in 2012?? Hope not!

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