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US changes passport rules for trans people

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Reader comments

  1. There I was thinking that the U.S.A. was a totally backward country nowadays.
    There’s hope yet.

  2. Its just a shame most trans people in the US will not be able to use those passports, because they have no employment protection from discrimination. Thats why most trans people in America end up as some of the lowest paid worker, if they are able to find a job that is.

  3. While, I am happy to hear about the modification of the US Passport rules, I was recently fired from my job because of discrimination.
    There have been many positive changes in the last couple of years, but much more work is needed to be done to ensure equal rights, both domestically here in the USA, as well as globally.

  4. natasha wylie 11 Jun 2010, 8:48pm

    Good on the USA Government for taking this step in the right direction. Lets hope the British Government follows suit soon.

  5. Good.
    Natasha, we’ve been able to change gender markers on British passports without surgery for quite a few years. Actually, when it comes to gender recognition and changing id/passport/birth cirtificate, you don’t technicaly need any form of (physicle) medicle treatment at all.

  6. Wow! Hopefully Canada will step into the 21st Century soon and catch up on this front. Discrimination is a definite problem in the U.S.A and to a lesser extent, here in Canada, but in this case it is the government that maintains the road-blocks that prevent discriminatory legislation and policy from being re-written. No one should have to endure “forced sterilization” in order to be recognized for who they are. Some can’t even have certain surgeries for health reasons. I guess they don’t count as humans, eh? That seems like discrimination, from how I understand it.

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