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Major Polish museum to hold exhibition on gay love

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 10 Jun 2010, 7:34pm

    This sounds like a big step for Poland and I’m sure the various protesting groups have close ties to a certain area of Rome, where people tend to wear the kind clothes drag-queens may dream of, while denouncing other people’s life-style. Let’s hope the exhibition will run to schedule and educate people about homosexuality.

  2. It is good news for a country of appallingly backward and medieval attitudes to social various issues in general and to homosexuality in particular. It is going to attract a lot of attention and protests – but it is good. Any opportunity to raise the issue and TALK is good.

  3. This is great news and a sign of real progress in Poland.

    Are there any Polish readers of this site?

    If so then I’d like to know what the Law and Justice Party make of this exhibition.

    Let’s not forget that The Law and Justice Party are the Tories’s partners in the European Parliament and despite their record of truly sickening and twisted homophobia, thwe Tories still pretend that they are not borderline fascist, homophobic extremists (as well as being racist and misogynistic).

    I’d like to know if they engage in any homophobic hatemongering over tis exhibition.

  4. Check out this video on the Polish Law & Justice party using “youth groups” to try and subvert gay Pride marches:

  5. Patrick James 11 Jun 2010, 2:51pm

    Well done to the museum head Piotr Piotrowski!

    I think that doing something progressive for LGBT issues in Poland is really brave.

    Compare the activities of people like Piotr Piotrowski with those of the British Conservative party who advance the cause of the deeply homophobic Law and Justice party.

    Growing up in Northern Ireland I relate to the plight that Polish LGBT people are in.

    What is not understood is that having large deeply homophobic political parties infects all aspects of life, so very very many LGBT people in Poland I am sure live in fear.

    The association and advancement of the Polish Law and Justice party by the British Conservative party is really a disgrace, and the LGBT Conservative apologists for the Law and Justice party do make me angry.

  6. @Piotr yes I agree with you – it is a step in the right direction and a lot more needs to be done to expose the castrophy and results of the Roman Catholic Church teaching that has created Polish society today. The RCC has much to answer for.

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