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Madrid Pride bans Israeli gay group over Gaza ship raid

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  1. The aid flotilla and the Israeli actions have nothing to do with the Gay Pride celebrations. It is our own struggles to achieve greater tolerance and acceptance in society that we are celebrating. Should we be banning Israelis from a Gay Pride event because of something done by their Government and Military? Would we then ban the British and Americans and Australians because of the Iraq War? Would we ban Chinese because of their government’s repression in Tibet? Where would this end?

    1. Yes, we ABSOLUTELY should ban these flags from marching in Pride Parades! Human rights are not the preserve of our communities, if we want rights for ourselves we should support the rights of others too.

  2. That is so wrong on so many levels. I hope those responsible for that shitty ban to be held responsible by their peers. Some people confuse the causes. And some are utterly ignorant about how the LGTB are treated by Muslims, independently of how Israel reacts –unjustly sometimes- against the Palestinians. Someone is messing up really big there.

    1. And someone’s Islamohobia is also showing here… mmm or is it Zionism?

  3. I felt very uncomfortable when asked to carry the Union Flag during Stockholm’s Gay Pride a few years ago (they have/had a procession of all national flags at the beginning of the Pride March).

    I’d like to think our capacity to love is far greater than the pettiness of national barriers and identities. I’d love to see a Pride March in which there were no need for national flags, with the justification that “we are much bigger than that”.

    1. I agree, the rainbow flag is the symbol of the Queer Nation the world over, gay men and women are more my people than any mere national conventions and the frontiers of our Country are the Safe, Sane and Consensual limits that dictate respect and decency.
      Just as I would not support a paedophile because s/he is homosexual, I will not support a National identity that condones murder and genocide, just because it tolerates LGBT people.

  4. BobbetStillTheSame 10 Jun 2010, 6:32pm

    exerpt: “Don’t they know that Islamist fundamentalists don’t just want to finish off Israel, but that they also believe homosexuals should ‘cure themselves’ or die?”

    This is the same ideology of Jewish and Sionist fundamentalists.

    1. Quite! 2 wrongs don’t make a right! BOTH are guilty of homophobia and transphobia, let us not allow Zionists to co-opt us into supporting their dirty little ploys.

  5. I think the plight of Palestinians is a LGBT issue, after all LGBT people do exist inside Palestine too.

    It is right to say to the Israeli gay group you can are welcome to march with us as LGBT people, but we will not give you a public platform while Israel still denies Palestine its right to exist and live normal dignified life’s.

    The stuff about demanding a apology from Tel Aviv’s mayor is over the top and just stupid.

    Maybe Madrid Pride could offer a bursary to a Palestinian LGBT group next year and get the two to march together in a act of unity.

  6. Har Davids 10 Jun 2010, 7:27pm

    This is just too PC! I can understand a boycott of certain groups of people, products or services from Israel, but gay activists? These people might need a break from their country; this is bad PR for the Madrid Pride.

  7. It seems to me very much a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  8. de Villiers 11 Jun 2010, 12:01am

    I would have been unhappy if I could not have represented my being French because of the policies of a government with which I did not agree.

  9. Sounds like anti-semitisim by another name…

    1. Aw, “poor me, poor me” doesn’t work anymore, you know Nikki… Israel always squeals “anti-zionism” when it suits its purpose, but it declines to wear the soe on the other foot, when the years of murder in Palestine, and the incidents involving the aid flotilla are brought into the arena. Funny that, isn’t it? So, does that mean that yours is Islamophobia? And does that mean LGBT Muslims deserve what Israel is meting out in Palestine?

  10. The piece does not give the full story however.

    Read this report from an Israeli newspaper.,7340,L-3901785,00.html

    The Israeli gay group would be marching with officials from the Israeli Foreign Ministry underneath an Israeli flag.

    It is entirely inappropriate to invite representatives of the Israeli government to a Pride event in light of the killings committed on the aid convoy in international waters (the Israei government authorised these killings) and the continuing Israeli imposd humanitarian crisis being imposed on every single person living in the Gaza Strip.

    The Israeli government has refused to allow an independent inquiry into the murders and they refuse to lift the blockade against Gaza, or end their occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    The gay group should of course be allowed to march.

    But the Foreign Ministry are entitely inappropriate considering Israel’s collective punishment of all Palestinians.

    If the gay group insisted that the Foreign Ministry attend with them then unfortunately it would be inappropriate to allow them to attend either.

    It is not the point of Madrid Pride to be dragged into party politics from another country.

    1. Right on Martin, I respond more fully to your follow-up post.

  11. Each year about this time of year we hear reports about how all the religious crazies in Jerusalem go batsh!t crazy over Jerusalem Pride, and there are always threats of violence, and it has been cancelled on many occasions out of security fears.

    I can’t find any reference online to the Israeli Foreign Ministry marching in solidarity with gay groups in Israel EVER?

    Why not?

    After all they want to march in Madrid’s Pride?

    You’d think that a foreign government which is asking to participate in a gay pride event would at least be as supportive of gay pride in their own country?

    Not in this case.

    I suspect Madrid Pride is being hijacked for political purposees.

    That should not be allowed to happen unless the political purpose is to advance LGBT rights.

    1. ABSOLUTELY! thank you Martin, I totally agree with both your intelligent posts highlighting some key facts and information. Those prepared to condemn Islam and wax lyrical about the freedom of LGBT People in Israel should check their facts. BOTH cultures are homophobic and Transphobic, and the decision by Madrilenos to ban THE ISRAELI FLAG from parading in Pride is absolutely appropriate. Those blithering on about “too P.C.” should consider what Israel has been doing in Palestine. The Madrid Pride organisers didn’t ban the individuals, just the odious Israeli flag and yes, I think there IS a case for banning the national flags of Nations that are conducting terrorism campaigns, so the UK, US, Chinese, Ugandan, Iranian and Sudanese flags SHOULD be banned from ALL Gay Pride marches, globally. As LGBT people we should not campaign for our equality while ignoring aggression.”Injustice ANYWHERE is an injustice EVERYWHERE! Either that, or we pack up and go home. Well done Madrid Pride!

  12. Wouldn’t it be great to have a joint Israeli and Palestinian group marching without any country flags? LGBT people in both Israel and Palestine have a tough time with their Governments and other authorities. There are many Israeli MPs and conservative rabbis who would be happy to barricade Israeli LGBT people into a small block of land like the Israeli Government has done with Gaza. The Israeli LGBT have no power over the Mayor of Tel Aviv so it is silly to bar them from the parade on that basis. I agree with a previous poster that NO national flags should be flown, but that individuals could carry their own placards which may identify where they come from.

    1. Well said Kay! LGBT people get it from both sides and yes, the rainbow flag should be enough for us

  13. One of the Israeli state’s more cynical tactics is to present Israel as the only state in the Middle East with LGBT rights, as if that excuses their numerous breaches of international law.

    On the other side of the coin, neither should homophobia among the Palestinians prevent us supporting them when their other human rights are abused. Our support is what will influence their attitudes to LGBT people.

    The Madrid pride organisers are fully entitled to stop the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs participating in the event.

    If a genuinely independent Israeli LGBT group expresses an interest in attending, they should be welcomed. Let the group march on their own as normal citizens.

  14. Those who are in charge of Pride in Spain should hang their heads in shame.

    It is a disgrace to ban a particular float for the activities of their nation. I can understand if Rosh HaMemshala was taking part but these are activists they should not be punished or used to make an ill gotten statement.

    I hope they wake up fast to their own continguity toward demarcation.

  15. Those in the gay community who support Hamas should move to Gaza. Hamas will execute them all without trial. Hanging is the usual method, although if transsexual they appear to shave the head first and then slit the throat.

    Then others in the gay community will see Hamas for what it really is, bigotry personified.

    Anyone who supports Hamas, supports oppression of womens rights, suppression of gay rights, suppression of transsexual rights and suppressions of childrens rights.

  16. Blacks have been persecuted for being the “different color”.
    Jews have been persecuted for being the “different religion”.
    And gays are persecuted for being the “different sexual orientation”.

    As much as I feel bad for some of the Palestinians who are suffering it is not a civil rights Issue. They are a people engaged in a war with each other. No one is oppressing Palestinians out of any form of bigotry towards them. There are many Palestinians who are not so innocent. I don’t know woh is to blame, but this has nothing to do with gay rights. Supporting people who hate us (perhaps in a misguided attempt to win them over), while spitting in the face of people who are gay-friendly is a bad idea.

  17. Blacks have been persecuted for being the “different color”. Jews have been persecuted for being the “different religion”. And gays are persecuted for being the “different sexual orientation”.

    As much as I feel bad for some of the Palestinians it is not a civil rights Issue. They are a people engaged in a war with each other. No one shows any bigotry towards Palestinians. Many Palestinians are not so innocent. Supporting people who hate us (perhaps in a misguided attempt to win them over), while spitting in the face of people who are gay-friendly is a bad idea.

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