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Life sentence for man who killed gay pensioner

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Reader comments

  1. I am glad he is going to rot in prison.

  2. Why isn’t this being reported on the news or more so in the printed media?

  3. Only 23 years, he will be out and able to kill again by his 45 birthday! It seems to me a career criminal like this man, with 27 previous convictions will never change. He should be locked up until he is no-longer physically able to be a threat to society.

    Write to the new home sectary and ask her to look again at this sentence.

  4. pete the meat 10 Jun 2010, 3:43pm

    If he serves the full term he will have spent longer in jail than he has been alive for. Why the hell come to the UK if you only end up living on the streets. As for begging the police to send him home, that’s the job of the Polish Embassy. Claiming he was defending himself against unwanted sexual advances has been an excuse that’s been used time and again by guys like him. One wonders if he led Teddy Highwood on.

  5. So … he felt the need to murder a helpless pensioner for “unwanted sexual advances” … ?

    Let’s see what kind of unwanted advances he gets the first time he has to use the showers in the Big House. He’ll be walking like John Wayne by the time he gets out.

  6. What a pieve of scum – deport him what the point he will be back here within days or claiming his human rights are being abused.

    This old chap lived here and help make this country great and end s his life in such a manor – hang the bastard why should ther tax payer keep someone like this in comfort for teh next 15 years

  7. Disgusting – and how sad that Mr Highwood was killed by someone he had been helping. As for the pathetic sexual advances excuse, well, I guess those all those other 27 convictions were due to sexual advances too. Not.

    I fail to see why criminals should be allowed to travel freely within the EU. In my opinion, they’ve forfeited their rights to work and live in any EU country of their choice by their criminal behaviour.

  8. No they should lock up the ‘German’ criminal for at least the same amount of time!

  9. This excuse of gay people coming on to them is based on the absurd assumption that everyone hates gays as much as this polish man, and so they will say “Oh alright, I get that”. Its an excuse from another century. And what on earth can a man that age do to this young thug antway.

  10. Sounds like an argument, in part, for taking a hard look at immigration policy. Of no fixed address? A string of conviction since age 17? (btw, if convicted at that young more should have been done in terms of attempted rehabilitation or diagnosis of mental illness) Where’s the logic in allowing an underclass to drift from one end of Europe to the other?, as social problem cases are bounced from one jurisdiction to another? Teddy Highwood would be alive now if this guy had been pulled out the cracks years ago, whether for assistance, treatment, or incarceration.

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