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Bisexual MP Simon Hughes elected Lib Dem deputy leader

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Reader comments

  1. pete the meat 10 Jun 2010, 11:25am

    Re: “He denied being gay for years but came out as bisexual in 2006 after being outed by a newspaper during his campaign to win the party leadership”……which basically means he’s gay but is more comfortable with the term “bisexual”. If any of the Pink News readers see this as some form of equality victory and a sign that the Lib Dems are the party of choice, well I dunno what to say other than stay away from the polling stations next time round.

  2. Oh good he was the only choice that would be viable. @Pete The Meat he might actually bisexual. i myself am bisexual. Yes, he hid it and quite frankly that was his buisness, if he was ashamed then clearly he has now reconciled that with himself. good luck for the future Mr Hughes, do the party proud although Cable is a tough act to follow.

  3. The Lib-Dems have shown they are just small ‘c’ conservatives in the past few weeks. Cambridge university conservative association even have proof Nick Clegg joined the party while at uni!

    They sold out their liberal heritage out for the illusion of power and will pay for it come the next election. All the Lib-Dem voters I know feel sold out and betrayed, they wont vote for the party again until Clegg and Cable have gone.

  4. Yay for the “straight choice”? Forgive me for not celebrating

  5. horrible little man

  6. Bisexual? I wonder who the lucky woman was.

  7. stwalkerster 10 Jun 2010, 5:54pm

    It’s Tim Farron, not Tim Fallon

  8. Sparky, the ‘straight choice’ thing was not about his sexuality, and people only use that against him because he was against an openly gay candidate.
    I think he was the right guy for the job, although I do wish Cable had not stepped down.

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