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Lady Gaga debuts video for Alejandro – a ‘celebration of gay love’

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Reader comments

  1. I love her so much (wipes tear from eye)

  2. Nathan Pottinger 9 Jun 2010, 12:02pm

    I think I’m the only gay person in the world who just wants her to fall down some stairs.

  3. I’m glad that she discribed what her video is about because I wouldn’t have had a clue it was about the “purity of my friendships with my gay friends” !!!

    I think she is looking to win over the gay fans.

  4. ah shut up #2 and #3. heartless cynics. so what if she’s wanting to win over gay fans? would prefer someone wanting to win over gay men than christian men, or anti gay men. dont like her music. but she’s cool. would still love there to be some gay icons who are gay, but hey, worlds not perfect so we’ll have to do with gaga till then, and at least she can sing.

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Jun 2010, 1:21pm

    Downloaded and watched it yesterday. It´s great, a really good video. I agree with comment 4 above. I would rather singers/entertainers/performers/public figures/politicians wanting to ´win over´ the gay community than pandering to the religious anti-gay fanatics.

    Go go Ga ga!

  6. “Gaga said recently the video is about the “purity of my friendships with my gay friends”. ”

    What a crock of sh!t!.

    The men in the video wear stilettoes and fishnet tights.

    Aside from cross-dressing there is nothing to suggest they may be gay.

    And I don’t know about Gaga but I don’t celebrate my friendships by simulating sex, engaging in bondage, sexualising religious imagery and goose-stepping with my friends.

    The video is simply a retread of Madonna’s Express Yourself video. THAT was a lot more celebratory than the Alejandro video.

  7. Oh c’mon, fetishtastic – I love it.

  8. And of course crossdressing is not an indication of being gay.

    None of the men in the video kiss anyone but Gaga.

    It’s a good song but Gaga seems a little ‘try too hard’ when trying to appeal to her gay audience.

    I mean there’s nothing really gay about this new video at all.

  9. A lot of older gays on here eh?

  10. BrazilBoysBlog 9 Jun 2010, 3:06pm

    @ Andrew Q. I agree! This is a great video regardless.. I like here music and her creativity.. I also appreciate her very ´out´ support of gay people.

    This makes a refreshing change from all of the closeted celebs who are happy to take our money, but not even acknowledge our support.

    I cannot see this video getting much of an airing on mainstream TV.. I would think a lot of them will be too gutless to show it in full.

    Here in Brazil, it´s already going massive with everyone tweeting about it, linking the video to their online profiles and calling for GaGa to come and do some concert dates here.

  11. “I think she is looking to win over the gay fans. ”
    It was gay fans who launched her career when she was refused a record deal Simon
    She already has a massive gay following and she’s bisexual herself

    Unlike a lot of other musicians who get famous and retire, she still plays in gay clubs for her fans

  12. “I think she is looking to win over the gay fans. ”
    I think this person was making a joke. Typically most geeks will through a \s on the end of the comment to denote sarcasm.

    Saw her at Glasto last year and she put on a great show.

    The video was great, the song is lame.

  13. The song is not lame

  14. Lots of people missing the symbolism in the video!!!!! If you took a bit of time to read the Youtube comments you’d see it all…. some of the highlights:

    “gaga is defending the gays in the military and protesting against the “dont ask, dont tell” policy. when she is swallowing the rosary, she is symbolizing how religion is shoved down many individuals throats. see the strings on gaga and the man at the end? i believe she is symbolizing how many are controlled by these religious means ”


    “This video symbolizes the fight that Gaga and the gay community have been fighting against the vatican. she’s trying to tell us that she and her “army” will not give up on this fight. Not even is she has to die for it. That’s why Alejandro kills her at the end”

  15. I look at my box of cornflakes in the same way and wonder about the symbolism and what those golden flakes really mean. Kellogs are just happy that I buy them. Lady Gaga is a product. Buy it or don’t buy it, that’s as deep as it gets.

  16. She’s drawing negative attention to the gay community by showing us to be supeficial, promiscuous and sexually depraved. We could do without the reinforcement of stereotypes, but then as she has so many fans, maybe this is a true relection of the gay community after all? Not one that I want to belong to.

  17. I like the song.

    And I like the video.

    But Gaga is doing nothing that Madonna wasn’t doing (better) 20 years ago.

    And that explanation about the ‘gay symbolism’ in the post above made me laugh.

  18. Yer but Madge sold us out a long time again and copy previous artists herself.

    Still love her though.

  19. Let Live and Let Die!

  20. Lady GAGA is amazing. Adore her actions and her work.

  21. JEAN GUY MELANSON 16 Mar 2012, 2:43am


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